Stay up to date on all of your projects

  • Stay within deadlines and budgets using the project planning feature
  • Optimize your employees’ performance
  • Let the client view the status of the project online
  • Send invoices based using budget or hours worked

Whether you work on a project alone or in teams, a clear project plan ensures that you meet deadlines and stick to your budget. Teamleader will automatically place tasks in your employees’ calendars to make optimal use of your workers.

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Start a new project

Give the project a name and start date - and you're off. Determine the stages of the project. Teamleader tracks the each stage of a project, as well as how much money has been spent so that you don’t exceed your budget.
You can invoice a project based on an agreed budget or through the recording of hours worked. It is also possible to set different hourly rates within one project. You can also generate a use report that provides an overview of the work done to date.

Start a new project
Manage your projects

Manage your projects

The project provides an overview of all active projects and the tasks associated with them. Keep a grip on your schedule with Gantt charts. You will be able to see if each team is making as much progress as it should.

Work together (also with clients)

Define different hourly rates within the same project. Assign a task or project to the employees. Determine what information they can access. By sending messages via Teamleader, you can make sure that you are all on the same page. Work with your client via the Cloudproject platform, where he or she can see the status of each of the stages in the project. Your client will also be able to view planned meetings or contact your employees.

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