shared inbox that leaves 
no question unanswered.

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Sound familiar?

There are so many customer queries, I can’t stay on top of them all! 

Teamleader Focus keeps all your customer queries in one place

  • Manage,, support@your from a single, easy-to-use inbox. Keep an eye on everything without wasting time switching between inboxes.
  • Set up custom statuses and assign them to incoming emails. Easily filter them by their status to get an overview of your workload. Top marks for management!
  • Automatically filter emails by specific words, such as ‘urgent’ or ‘help needed’, so that you can automatically set their status to high priority. Save your customer potential frustration.
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Connect Teamleader Focus to
  • Gmail Gmail
  • Outlook Outlook Calendar
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Sound familiar?

Who knows if someone has already replied to this email?!

Teamleader Focus streamlines your collaboration with colleagues:

  • Discuss potential replies with colleagues using our internal chat feature before you hit reply. Or assign emails to the appropriate person for the job. Efficiency guaranteed!
  • Automatically update email statuses as soon as they have been replied to. Sorted.
  • Track how much time you spend replying to customer queries and invoice your customer as required.
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Sound familiar?

It takes ages to respond to everyone with each individual answer.

Teamleader Focus automates replies making your team more responsive: 

  • Automatically close customer queries after a set period of time if your customer doesn’t respond. Gain visibility around what is urgent and focus your efforts.
  • Set up auto-reply, so that customers know you’ve received their message and when they will hear back from you. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Use ready-made email templates to answer recurring enquiries and reduce response times.
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Teamleader Focus means you can actively follow up customer queries and lets your customer know what to expect and when. Transparency becomes your call sign. - Laurent Debaere, Berdea

Our features at a glance:

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Boost your Teamleader Focus account with a shared inbox.

Do you regularly support customers by email? Then a shared inbox can make things simpler. Choose the Teamleader Focus subscription that best suits your business and add our shared inbox Booster, starting from € 50/month (price per account).

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