CRM software that gives every 
customer the star treatment.

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Sound familiar?

Are these customer details even right?!

Access customer data anytime, anywhere with Teamleader Focus:

  • All customer data and communication is stored in a single location meaning you won’t waste time trying to find out what was discussed.
  • Use our mobile app whenever you’re out and about. Find the correct address with a few taps of your finger and you’re off. No more dawdling!
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Teamleader Focus helps you close deals 35% quicker.
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Sound familiar?

It’s so frustrating not being able to properly help customers when a colleague is out of the office.

Teamleader Focus gives you a clear overview of all customer interactions:

  • Keep all those important documents such as contracts, quotes and timesheets in a single location and never lose track again.
  • Stay on top of customer emails, meetings and invoices with a handy timeline, so you’re not left scrambling for information.
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This is a simple and effective CRM tool that goes far beyond the basic functionality. - Frederik
Connect Teamleader Focus to
  • Gmail Gmail
  • Outlook Outlook Calendar
  • Dropbox Dropbox
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Sound familiar?

Adding or finding customer details is so tricky.

Easily import, add and search customer details in Teamleader Focus:

  • Effortlessly import existing customer details from your mailbox or calendar. Stop wasting time reentering information you already have!
  • Automatically add new contacts using a VAT number or web form. Or simply scan your customer’s business card. Ideal when you’re out and about, so you’re not left wondering who you spoke to!
  • Find customer details in an instant by filtering your customer database by field or tag. There’s also a search bar to keep things simple.
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Our features at a glance:

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Run your business from a single location.

Teamleader’s winning formula? How each of our solutions, such as CRM, invoices, quotations, projects and other Boosters, connects with, complements and enhances the next. When you update customer details, for example, those updates also appear across all your invoices and quotations. Now that’s neat!

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15,190 entrepreneurs are already one step closer to their customers.

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For agencies, customers are the key to success. Teamleader Orbit supports them every step of the way.

Does your agency have more than 20 employees? Then our powerful agency software is for you! Introducing Teamleader Orbit. Our added functionality helps your agency attract its ideal customers. Because luck is not a strategy!