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Sound familiar?

How on earth do I get a contact form set up?

Teamleader Focus helps you create professional contact forms in just a few simple steps:

  • Easily create contact forms using your logo, font and colour palette, then add them to your website or send them to (potential) customers via a link. No technical experience or knowledge of graphics required!
  • Ask website visitors the questions you need and automatically store their answers in your CRM system. Personalise customer communication, strengthen existing relationships and attract new customers. Be the change you need.
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Sound familiar?

I have no idea if anyone has followed up on this lead!

Teamleader Focus automatically tracks form entries:

  • Automatically turn form entries into sales opportunities using your Teamleader Focus account. Avoid manually transferring information and save money.
  • Create a customised sales process and stay on top of every opportunity. Get maximum visibility of all new projects.
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In the past 6 months, more than 6,000 sales opportunities were registered thanks to the contact form – and all without having to do anything ourselves.
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Sound familiar?

Finding a meeting time that works for everyone is impossible.

Teamleader Focus lets you easily schedule meetings with (potential) customers:

  • Add a booking page to your website to show your (team’s) availability and let your (potential) customers choose a time that suits them. Make all that back and forth a thing of the past!
  • Send automatic online meeting confirmations, so that nobody double-books your time. Turbocharge your efficiency.
  • Send automatic meeting reminders to avoid no-shows and put your time to good use.
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Now that customers can book meetings themselves, I’m saving anywhere from two to four hours a week on meeting planning and scheduling. - Muriel Palm-Kamsma, Kamsma
Connect Teamleader Focus to
  • Google calendar Google Calendar
  • Apple calendar Apple iCloud Calendar

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15,190 entrepreneurs achieve 23% more sales during lead generation.