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The most powerful agency software that keeps everything you need in one spot.

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Every agency is founded upon 5 pillars.

Teamleader Orbit supports your agency at each pillar:

Pillar 1

Operational excellence

There’s nothing quite like an agency that runs like clockwork, is there? Standardising and streamlining processes ensures you stay within budget and deliver consistent and high-quality work. This pillar means that more orders = more profit. Capacity planning, time sheets and billability play a crucial role in this − just ask your Planner or Operations Manager!

Teamleader Orbit helps your agency overcome operational hurdles:

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The capacity planning feature is one of the best. When I look at individual reports, I can see any backlogs or if someone is way over capacity. I immediately know if I need to call in extra help.

Simon Erdmann - Product Owner at Basilicom
Pillar 2

Centralized reporting

Project profitability, billability, sales targets… who doesn’t dream of a single source of truth? When all your data is in one place and is accessible to all, your agency will be able to make well-informed decisions. Setting the right KPIs and tracking them ensures accurate reporting. This second pillar will give you answers to questions you hadn’t dreamed would be possible. Innovation is right around the next corner.

Teamleader Orbit helps your agency stay in control:

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HQ Ruth Bossuyt

Analysing data used to be a nightmare; now it’s a piece of cake. Now, we have lots of useful data we can display extremely clearly. Even more importantly, we can quickly and easily find exactly the information we’re looking for. In just a few clicks, I can see if there are too few or too many projects coming up.

Ruth Bossuyt, Managing Director at SKINN
Pillar 3

Revenue management

As an agency, it’s easy to lose yourself in the creative process and develop a blind spot. But it’s vital to stay on top of who and how much to invoice. You’re not a bank after all! The third pillar keeps your cash flow healthy, reduces financial stress and gets you making better business decisions. Innovation is in your nature, but turning a profit is vital for survival.

Teamleader Orbit helps your agency better understand the sales cycle:

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HQ Erwin Hendriks

We used to invoice on a monthly basis: we reviewed completed projects and invoiced them over the course of a few days. These days, as soon as a project is complete, we invoice the customer. This doesn’t just have a positive impact on cash flow, but also lightens the load for the finance team.

Erwin Hendriks, Managing Partner at Springbok Nederland
Pillar 4

Client acquisition

More customers = more orders… but more isn’t necessarily better. The challenge lies in attracting your ideal customers. Chances are, you already know who you want to work with. You’re not growing thanks to luck after all − you’re growing purposefully. We also know that on average, 70% of sales come from existing customers. That’s why a ‘land and expand’ strategy makes perfect sense. Any additional services you add, will then provide value for both your agency and your customer.

Teamleader Orbit helps equip your agency to make informed growth strategy decisions:

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HQ Glenn Fellows

Teamleader Orbit is perfectly suited to our industry. I’m able to spend more time on sales and acquiring new business. Before, I had Excel coming out of my ears, now I just need one tool.

Glenn Fellows, Managing Director at Lunar
Pillar 5

Connected tools

All agencies use a wide range of digital tools. They’re there to help you manage projects, automate tasks and understand data. But do you often find it hard to find the most up-to-date and accurate information? When all your software is connected and exchanging data, you only have to look in one place for data you can trust. The fifth pillar gives you access to a single source of truth and ensures your teams are all in touch.

Teamleader Orbit helps your agency create a digital workspace.

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HQ Quentin de Braekeleer

The decisive factor when choosing Teamleader Orbit? All of the integrations. We were able to connect to Bob50, our accounting system, for example. Now, everything is in the same place.

Quentin de Braekeleer, Head of Operations at Digitag
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HQ Website Compare Orbit

Every agency is unique, but have you ever benchmarked yours?

Teamleader conducted the first ever survey on how agencies are run. The result? Brand-new insights and a great benchmark for every type of agency. Discover your growth potential and find out how other agencies work.

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Top-quality agency software.

Teamleader Orbit has been specially developed for ambitious agencies with more than 20 employees. We work with you to uncover your agency’s unique challenges and how our powerful agency software can help. We’re up for any challenge!

Real change comes from within… which can be pretty scary! 
Count on us from day one.

Want to switch to Teamleader Orbit? Good things take time. 
Here’s our standard procedure:


We take time to listen to what you need during an introductory meeting


We then delve deeper into your internal processes and pain points during an assessment.


Our custom demo maps out how you currently run your business and how Teamleader Orbit can help you.


Once you’re sure you want to work with us, we draw up an action plan to make the switch as smooth as possible.


It’s time to officially welcome you into our Teamleader community. Together, we ensure that moving your data over to Teamleader Orbit goes smoothly, every step of the way.

HQ Ruth Bossuyt

Honestly? Our account managers were concerned. We had to transfer around three hundred projects and couldn’t afford to lose any data or incur any delays. But Teamleader did an excellent job! There weren’t any issues once we were set up either.

Ruth Bossuyt, Managing Director at SKINN