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Grow your revenue without the hassle.

Get more done with less hassle and watch your sales grow. Teamleader Focus helps SMEs work smarter, save time and sell more. Make professional quotations, invoice from a quotation, work order or project and track payments easily.

What is a CRM for small and medium-sized businesses?

CRM - that sounds posh, doesn't it? And yet crm stands for nothing more than managing your customer relationships. That's what every company does, regardless of its size!

A crm system is a software that helps you with your customer management. This system gives you an overview of all the information about your customers: from the very first contact until the deal is closed and everything is finalised. All within one tool.

A crm system for SMEs is conceived to match the size of your business. Think for example of a smaller number of users. This is nice for the overview and - no less importantly - also for your wallet. You only pay for what you use, which means you never pay more than you should.

Why does a SME need a crm system?

For SMEs, a crm system is a digital right-hand person, allowing you to work more efficiently and offer your customers the very best. All customer info - including phone calls, appointments made, quotations, time sheets - is stored in one central place. This way, you always have everything at hand to offer customers fast and personal service.

Teamleader Focus als crm-systeem

Met het crm-systeem van Teamleader Focus kan je makkelijk verkoopkansen opvolgen via een handige verkooppijplijn, zodat er nooit meer een prospect − of geld − verloren gaat. Je maakt ook snel professionele offertes in je huisstijl, die je daarna in één klik omzet naar een project of factuur. Zo helpt ons crm-systeem je meer verkopen met minder gedoe.

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Thanks to Teamleader Focus...

  • Keep all your contacts in one place. Add your customer data quickly: you enter the VAT number, Teamleader Focus does the rest. With the mobile app, you can even do it on the go.
  • You can view the communication history per customer.
  • Create on-brand quotations easily.
  • Track sales opportunities effortlessly.
  • Find all appointments, tasks and phone calls in one shared diary.
  • Gain more insight into your projects thanks to in-depth analyses.

Teamleader Focus is the crm system of 15,190 entrepreneurs

Al sinds het eerste jaar van mijn onderneming ben ik klant bij Teamleader Focus. In mijn ogen groeiden ze uit tot de marktleider op het vlak van ERP en CRM. Ongelooflijk intuïtieve software, makkelijk in gebruik en toch heel volledig. Een aanrader voor kleine en grotere ondernemingen.

How do you choose a crm system?

You are looking for a crm system for your business. But: there are plenty of options to choose from. So how do you choose a crm tool and what exactly should you pay attention to?

Before you choose a crm software, consider formulating a crm strategy. That way, you can determine which features are indispensable to your business.


First, determine which pain points the crm system needs to solve. What are you running into now?


Set goals. Now you know what you want to solve, this means you can start writing down what you plan to achieve. What does your ideal situation look like?


Then, using points 1 and 2, note which functions your CRM system must offer. For example: shared calendars, time recording, drawing up quotations, linking with your favourite tools ...


Do some research on available crm systems. Determine which CRMs offer your required features and keep them listed.


Go through your list of crm systems and compare. What does one system offer versus another? And what are the costs? Do a cost-benefit analysis and make your final choice of crm software based on that.

Growing is fun, until you lose track.

"At one point, we no longer had a clear idea of what we were doing. Thanks to Teamleader Focus, everyone from the lab technician to sales support can keep track of the workflow."

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How do you introduce new crm software in your SME?

Switching to a new crm system does not happen overnight: first set up the crm system properly, then teach your employees how to use it.

#1 - Implement the crm system

Have you set up your crm strategy? If so, you already have a good idea of what is key for your business. So when implementing the system, focus on your goals first. You'll want to start by setting up all the necessary accounts and importing all the customer information.

Setting up a crm like Teamleader Focus is an easy task. You can get started even without software knowledge! Do you simply not have the time or inclination to discover new software? We are always ready to help you.

#2 - Introduce it to users

Make sure you introduce the new crm system to your employees right from the start. Explain its benefits so that everyone knows why this step is so important. Draw up a division of tasks for using the system, so that each department knows where its responsibility lies. In this way, data import will run much more smoothly and the system will be well maintained after its implementation.


  • How much does a crm system for SMEs cost?

    The price of a crm system depends partly on how many people will use the tool and on the functionalities you need. Choose the package you need and avoid paying too much.

  • Why should my small business use a crm system?

    By using a crm system, you hand over the paperwork. You work smarter, more efficiently and offer your customers the best possible service. What's more, statistics give you insight into your business. With the CRM system Teamleader Focus, you will sell 23% faster and 35% more!

    Do you also want to increase your turnover and profits like more than 15,000 entrepreneurs? Try Teamleader Focus free for 14 days:

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  • Is Teamleader Focus a crm system for small businesses?

    Yes, absolutely! With Teamleader Focus, you can manage customers, as well as invoice, make offers, monitor and plan projects. With our easy business software, you can get started right away, without any software knowledge.