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Then our powerful agency software is for you! Introducing Teamleader Orbit. Our advanced features unlock your agency’s true potential with capacity planning, time sheets and billability.

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Customer management Easily enter and search contact details and customer and colleague interactions. Effortlessly track, follow up and strengthen customer relationships.
Customer interaction timeline View all customer interactions on a chronological timeline. See customer emails, meetings, invoices, etc. in one easy-to-find location.
Add & import customer details Effortlessly import existing customer data from your mailbox or calendar. Automatically add new contacts using their VAT number, LinkedIn profile or business card.
Document management Keep all your documents in one handy location. Think inbound and outbound emails, photos, approved quotes, sent invoices, contracts, the list goes on!
Time tracking Keep track of time spent on tasks, meetings and phone calls using the start-stop button in your Teamleader Focus account. Link the time spent to the right customer and make it billable.
Filter & search customer details Automatically filter and list contacts, customers, suppliers or freelancers by field or tag. Or just use the search bar to find a customer.
Shared calendar Schedule tasks, meetings and phone calls for yourself or your employees. Even allow customers to schedule meetings in your diary.
Mobile app Quickly plan your journey to your next in-person meeting with clickable addresses. Scan customer business cards, Create quotations onsite and get them signed there and then. Jot down notes. Schedule a follow-up straight away. Available on iOS and Android.
Reporting Benefit from in-depth customer insights and make informed and strategic decisions so your business grows.
User access Only permit employee access to the companies, contacts, deals or calendars they’re responsible for.
Templates Create an email invitation once and save it as a template. Use the template as your next starting point time and time again.
Single Sign-On Log in faster and more securely using Single Sign-On (SSO). Available for Google, Apple and Microsoft.
Automatic follow-ups Add a follow-up to every stage of your opportunity, and never forget to schedule that important task, meeting or phone call again!
Multiple businesses in one account Manage multiple businesses from a single account and then enter additional business details for each business (e.g. multiple VAT numbers, business addresses and email addresses).
Leave arrangements Set closing dates, holidays, parental leave, sick leave… for employees. Schedule work realistically and watch over the deadlines of your projects.
Compulsory multi-factor authentication Enhance your Teamleader Focus account’s security by requiring employees to complete additional security measures.


Invoices Create accurate invoices featuring your own logo, font and colour palette. Start from scratch or use a quotation, project or time tracking. Send invoices digitally so customers can immediately access, download and pay using online payment options (including QR codes).
Pay via QR code Make sure customers can pay quickly and easily without using online payment software. Automatically add a QR code to your invoice, so customers can scan it with their banking app.
Credit notes Quickly amend invoice mistakes with credit notes or negative invoices. No need for customers to pay and it’ll ease the burden on you, too.
Customer invoice summary Give customers a clear summary of their invoices every time you send a new one over. They’ll be able to view, download and pay outstanding invoices.
Advance invoicing Send clients an invoice before a job is complete – perfect when the terms are partial/full payment in advance. Secure a reliable cash flow.
Pro forma invoices Provide the estimated price of goods or services with a pro forma invoice (often identical to a quotation).
Multiple currencies Sell to international customers and allow them to pay in their own currency (pound, dollar, etc.).
Mobile app Create invoices on the go and get them paid then and there. Keep tabs on invoice payments. Available for iOS and Android.
Product management Create products or services once, fill out their sales and purchase price to determine the margin and save them in your price list. This way, you can quickly add existing products or services to your invoice.
Stock management Know exactly how much you still have in stock as you invoice, and get automatic reminders when you need to replenish stock.
Automatic payment reminders Send automatic payment reminders when payments are overdue. Modify shipping details, add surcharges and change your template.
Templates Create different email templates and save time when sending out your invoices.
Invoices for time and/or materials Easily create invoices based on your hourly rate and/or the price of materials you delivered.
Periodic or interim invoices Send periodic or interim invoices every time you complete part of a project.
Recurring invoices or subscriptions Set up automatic recurring invoices for customers on subscription or who you work with on an ongoing basis.
Financial forecasting Accurately forecast your income based on invoice due dates. Gain visibility for the next twelve months.


Quotations Create and send quotations using your own logo, font and colour palette. Receive a notification each time a (potential) client views, comments on or signs your quotation online. Then, convert your quotation into a project or invoice in just two clicks.
Forecast sales revenue Predict your total revenue by tracking every sales opportunity, from the first contact to the approved quotation.
Multiple currencies Create or convert existing quotations in the currency of your (potential) customer. Significantly increase your sales chances.
Mobile app Create quotations on the go and get them signed by customers then and there. Check the status of quotations. Available for iOS and Android.
Templates Create your quotation once and save it as a template to use in the future. Use this as your starting point for each new project.
Multiple quotations per deal Send multiple quotations within the same deal to your customer so they can compare options, and select and accept the best offer.
Product management Create products or services once, fill out their sales and purchase price to determine the margin and save them in your price list. This way, you can quickly add existing products or services to your quotation.
Margin calculation on quotations Easily see how much profit you’re making from an approved quotation, but rest easy that the purchase price and margin aren’t visible to your customer.
Expiry dates on quotations Add expiry dates to quotations to improve your follow-up. Is your quotation about to expire? Get an automatic notification and your customer a reminder.
Orders forms, order confirmations & delivery notes Create order forms, order confirmations and delivery notes bearing your own logo, font and colour palette. All possible from within your project or quotation.
Sales pipeline See exactly where prospects lie in your sales funnel. Decide what stages they need to complete to go from prospect to customer. If you sell multiple products and/or services, you can easily track them in a separate sales pipeline.


Links to external software Connect software your business already uses (e.g. calendar, accounting and payment software) and see them all in a single location. Choose from more than 230 integrations and avoid boring, repetitive work.


Support centre Access practical articles (suitable for beginners and pros alike), FAQs and training videos in our extensive support centre.
Live support Our customer service team is here to help. Email us in your native language and get a reply in just a few hours (weekdays only).
Priority support via live chat Chat with one of our support team from your Teamleader Focus account and get the answer you need in just a couple of minutes.
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Are you an agency with more than 20 employees?

Then our powerful agency software is for you! Introducing Teamleader Orbit. Our advanced features unlock your agency’s true potential with capacity planning, time sheets and billability.

Need to talk to someone?

We’re here for you! With Teamleader, there’s always someone to talk through your individual requirements. Schedule a non-binding consultation and let’s find out if Teamleader Focus is the right solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

    About my free trial
    • Do I need to provide credit card details for my free trial?

      No. To try Teamleader Focus, you won’t need to enter your credit card details. After you’ve tried our software for two weeks, you’ll receive an email explaining how you can continue using your account. Choose the plan that suits you best and upgrade to a paid account.

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    • Does my free account give me access to all features?

      Yes. With your free version, you get access to all our basic features, such as calendar, CRM, deals and quotations, articles and materials, and data. You can then select a number of additional features to trial the features that are most important for you, such as invoices and payments, project management, time tracking, work orders and/or support tickets. The features you select will then appear in your trial account. Want to trial additional features? Don’t worry, you can always change which features you try out. 

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    • Are the Boosters included in my free trial?

      Yes. When you start your trial, you’ll get the chance to test out each of our Boosters for free: project management, work orders and central inbox.

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    • Can I add a second user to my Teamleader account free of charge?

      Yes. Hiring your first employee is a milestone for any business. To make that step a little easier, we give your new employee free access to your Teamleader Focus account. Not ready to hire your first employee yet or are you a freelancer? Use the second user feature to give your accountant access to your account. 

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    • When my free trial ends, will I lose the data in my account?

      No. When you upgrade from a free trial to a paid account, you can choose to keep or delete your data. If your trial has ended, we can reactivate your account so that you can move your data over to a paid account. Please note that any data in your trial account will be permanently deleted after 30 days. Want to upgrade? Sign up for a paid account. 

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    About my plan
    • How much is a Teamleader Focus plan?

      The price will depend on how many people will use our business software and what features you needChoose the best plan for you, and never pay a penny extra. 

    • Is it easy to cancel my subscription?

      Yes. But please note that your subscription renews automatically. You can cancel your subscription up to 15 days before the renewal date to avoid future charges. After the renewal date, we will no longer send any invoices and your account will be deactivated.

    • Do you offer discounts on your plans?

      Yes. You can save up to 17% when you purchase an annual subscription. From the 6th user, you also get 50% discount from us. We will also give you a welcome gift of 25% off your first invoice

    • Do you offer annual subscriptions?

      Yes. You will get the option to purchase an annual subscription and this will save you up to 17% on your annual bill. We also offer quarterly invoicing. The choice is yours. 

    • What payment options are there?

      Pay by credit card (Mastercard, Visa or American Express) or SEPA Direct Debit (European direct debit). You can also change your payment method after you complete your setup.

    About my setup
    • I want to switch to Teamleader Focus. What data can I import?

      From customer data to invoices, almost everything can be imported into Teamleader Focus using an Excel or CSV file. You won't need to waste time manually entering all your data. Effortlessly import customer details and products yourself. For anything else, our friendly and helpful support team have got you covered. Convenient, right?

    • Are there any setup costs with Teamleader Focus?

      No. Teamleader Focus software is intuitive and user-friendly. By using our FAQs, best practices and training videos, you can get the hang of Teamleader Focus at your own pace. 

      Still need a bit of help? Count on us to help get your account set up:

      • Get advice and step-by-step help and advice with our online sessions.
      • Outsource the work and one of our service partners will visit you to get you sorted.
    About Teamleader Focus
    • What is Teamleader Focus?

      Teamleader Focus is straightforward business software allowing you to run your business from a single location.

      • Our software is intuitive and user-friendly meaning you don’t need any prior business software experience. But if you need us, we’re here to help with getting you set up and any other niggly issues.
      • Teamleader Focus keeps everything in one place. Say goodbye to independent tools, multiple spreadsheets and countless inboxes.

      Since your whole business can be run from Teamleader Focus, you get some truly valuable insights. You’ll make better business decisions and improve sales.

    • What are Boosters?

      Boosters are added extras (or add-ons) for your Teamleader Focus account. We currently offer five of them: project management, planning, lead capture, work orders and central inbox. This allows you to tailor our business software to your business perfectly, and you will only pay for what you use.

    • What’s the difference between Teamleader Focus and Teamleader Orbit?

      Teamleader offers two products: Teamleader Focus and Teamleader Orbit. Both let you create invoices, follow up on quotations and get projects ticked off. But Teamleader Orbit has been specially designed for agencies with more than 20 employees. This powerful agency software excels in project management, resource planning and reporting.

    • Can I integrate Teamleader Focus with the software I already use?

      Yes. Teamleader Focus is the magic link between all your software. This includes Gmail, Google Calendar, your accounting software and multiple other apps. By bringing everything together, your software can offer you far more value. Harness the power of integrations and run your business from a single location.

    • Is Teamleader Focus secure?

      Safeguarding your data and complying with all the applicable data protection legislation (specifically GDPR) is our top priority. We have a comprehensive set of technical and organisational security measures which ensure your data is secure. You will find the full list of security measures in the annex to our data processing agreement (see Overview II).

    • I’ve still got some questions. Who should I speak to?

      Need help choosing the right plan or would you like a live demo? Below, you’ll find our chatbot, which will refer you to the right person. Get in touch by chat, email or phone during office hours.