Work orders you can count on.

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Sound familiar?

I keep losing my paper work orders.

Using Teamleader Focus means your work orders are all digital:

  • Create digital work orders from your smartphone using an approved quotation. No more deciphering illegible handwriting and typing everything out manually.
  • Quickly create work orders on-site using your own logo, colour palette and fonts (super handy when you’re on an urgent job) and present yourself professionally. 
  • Keep on top of time tracking, even while you’re travelling or on-site. Get paid for every minute you work.
  • Immediately send your customer the details of hours worked, materials used, kilometres travelled and any necessary photos using our mobile app. Save time and never miss an item off your invoice again.
Try it out
These days, installers often pull out their laptops and mobile printers to use Excel on-site. That’s when you can simply use your smartphone to access a work order you’ve already created. All it takes is a minute and you’re done − what a difference! - Tomas Van De Vijver, ClimaTronix
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Sound familiar?

I’m tired of all these deliberations.

Get immediate sign-off on your Teamleader Focus work orders:

  • Send accurate work orders to customers and get them signed off there and then. Be entirely transparent and avoid any unpleasant discussions.
  • Send signed work orders to your office, so that they can create the invoices. Or create them while you’re still with your client!
Try it out
It’s not always entirely clear how working hours are calculated in our industry, and this can lead to some awkward discussions with customers. This is something we don’t have to deal with anymore now that we work with Teamleader Focus. Our accurate work orders mean that customers know exactly what the invoice is for, and so do you. - Laurent Debaere, Berde
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Sound familiar?

I waste a lot of time on admin.

Teamleader Focus means you can connect your invoices and CRM using your work orders in real-time:

  • Switch between work orders and invoices in just two clicks. Get rid of those heaps of paperwork on your desk!
  • Easily access all customer details from your smartphone. Use the address saved in your calendar to launch directions to your next appointment. Spend less time ringing the office for details.
Try it out
Perfect for businesses in the construction industry! Excel is a thing of the past now that we use Teamleader Focus. Our schedules are up-to-date and we don’t spend hours on the phone giving employees directions to their next meeting. - Ellen De Grave, LVT Painting bv

Our features at a glance:

Start today

Boost your Teamleader Focus account with work orders.

Do you work in construction? Then our digital work orders are no luxury - they’re essential. Choose the Teamleader Focus subscription that best suits your business, and add our work order Booster, starting from € 20/month (price per account).

Get 25% off your first invoice.

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15,190 tradespeople aren’t wasting any more time on traditional, paper work orders.