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Producing a professional quotation takes far too much time.

Quickly create compelling quotations with Teamleader Focus:

  • Create quotations as and when you need (even on your mobile app) and automatically update customer details. No more manual entry.
  • Customise your quotation template with your own logo, font and colour palette. How professional does that look!
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On average, you spend just 2 minutes, 54 seconds creating a quotation in Teamleader Focus.
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I have no idea if my (potential) customer has even opened my quotation! 

Automatic follow-ups with Teamleader Focus quotations:

  • Receive a notification when a customer sends feedback. Adjust your quotation immediately and avoid sending emails back and forth.
  • When a customer signs your quotation, you’ll also receive a notification. Online signatures are binding, so you can forget about having to print, scan and post everything.
  • Receive automatic reminders when your quotation is about to expire. Don’t wait until it’s too late! 
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I find it so hard knowing where to look for more work.

Teamleader Focus gives you a vital overview of all new work opportunities:

  • Review new opportunities in one or more sales pipelines. Never miss a sales opportunity!
  • Know exactly how much work is in the pipeline and get prepared for the months ahead.
  • Convert your quotation into an invoice in just a few clicks. That’s more time saved!
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Teamleader Focus gave my business a real boost. Suddenly I understood sales, something a joiner doesn’t normally get to grips with. - Wesley Declerck

Our features at a glance:

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Run your business from a single location.

Teamleader’s winning formula? How each of our solutions, such as quotations, CRM, invoices, projects and other Boosters, connects with, complements and enhances the next. You can convert (part of) your quote into a project or invoice at the touch of a button, for example. Now that’s neat!

15,190 entrepreneurs created quotations
with Teamleader Focus that were signed twice as quickly.

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    Failing to win a pitch can cost you. With Teamleader Orbit, you can figure out just how costly it was.

    Does your agency have more than 20 employees? Then our powerful agency software is for you! Introducing Teamleader Orbit. As soon as a job lands, you can see how it affects your team’s workload. Your Planner or Operations Manager can calculate the lead time and assign it to the best person for the job.