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Teamleader Focus integrates seamlessly with the software your business already uses, like your calendar, accounting software, e-mail, etc. Choose from more than 230 integrations. There’s no need to re-enter details when you use Teamleader Focus. Your entire business – in a single location.

Our most popular integrations:

Connect your calendar & e-mail

When you connect Teamleader Focus to your calendar, all your contacts, tasks, appointments and calls are visible in your account. Did someone move a meeting? Your meeting will be updated in real-time, and this works the other way round, too. When you connect Teamleader Focus to your e-mail, you’ll enjoy similar benefits. Never forget a meeting or conversation again.

Connect Teamleader Focus to
  • Gmail Gmail
  • Outlook Outlook Calendar
  • Google calendar Google Calendar
  • Apple calendar Apple iCloud Calendar
  • Vectera Vectera

The integration with Gmail works so well – adding new contacts takes no time at all. I now know I’ll never have to enter contact details twice again.

Johan Bodde - AGS Products

Connect your accounting software

When you connect your accounting software to Teamleader Focus, you can look forward to a future free of the hassle of paper invoicing. Invoices are forwarded to your accountant at the end of each working day, and invoice payment statuses are automatically updated in your Teamleader Focus account. Avoid boring, repetitive admin and keep your accountant happy to boot. Say goodbye to quarterly panic!

Connect Teamleader Focus to
  • Exact online Exact Online
  • Sage Sage Business Cloud
  • Snelstart Snelstart
  • Datev Datev
  • Fattureincloud Fatture in Cloud
BE NL Comsa 1

We used to manually add invoices to our accounting system. Now, we save four to eight hours a month thanks to the Teamleader Focus export function. That’s four to eight hours each month that our employee can use for more important tasks. You do the math – you’ll easily recoup the annual subscription in no time at all.

Waldo Cosman, Comsa!

Connect your payment processing software

When you connect your payment processing software to Teamleader Focus, your customers will immediately be able to pay using online payment methods. Invoices will be paid quicker, and your cash flow will improve. You’ll also be notified as soon as the funds hit your bank account. Save both time and energy.

Connect Teamleader Focus to
  • Paypal Paypal
  • Stripe Stripe
  • Ideal iDEAL
  • Visa Visa
  • Ponto Ponto

When I place an order online myself, I always find it convenient to pay immediately. Since implementing Mollie and offering this option to my customers, I’ve found that 90% of my invoices are paid within 14 days. We also save 4 hours each month, because we don’t have to track and chase payments anymore!

Steven De Guchteneire - Ecofinity

Connect your marketing software

Teamleader Focus can be integrated with website forms and social media profiles, meaning new contacts are automatically added to your account. And when you add new contacts yourself, they’re automatically added to the right contact/client groups in your e-mail marketing software, so you can send them all your perfectly crafted e-mails. Avoid unnecessary manual tasks, while maximising sales opportunities.

Connect Teamleader Focus to
  • Linkedin LinkedIn
  • Mailchimp Mailchimp
  • Campaign monitor Campaign Monitor
  • Laposta Laposta
  • Mailtjet Mailjet
BE NL Annelies Delmoitie 1

LinkedIn is my best marketing tool, which is great as it’s free! With just one click, my CRM syncs all my new connections. Then all I need to do is verify the VAT number with VIES and my CRM system is totally up-to-date!

Annelies Delmoitié, Andless

Connect your dashboard software

Dashboard integration lets you display data such as graphs, tables and geographical information your way. You’ll gain vital insights into your business, while being able to develop a long-term strategy using the data from Teamleader Focus.

Connect Teamleader Focus to
  • Google sheets Google Sheets
  • Zapier Zapier
  • Linkthings LinkThings
  • Power bi Power BI
  • Dataddo
  • Cashplannr Cashplannr
BE NL Bran Van Welden Volt District

As a rapidly growing startup, insights into our financial future are vital. By connecting Teamleader Focus with Cashplannr, we enjoy reliable forecasting that shows us how we’re doing financially, how much cash we have available and how much we can reinvest in growth.

Bran Van Welden, Volt District

Full speed ahead for your agency with tools galore.

Are you an agency with more than 20 employees? Then our powerful agency software is for you! Introducing Teamleader Orbit. Connect all the tools you already use (like Personio, HubSpot, Exact Online, etc.) to Teamleader Orbit and avoid boring, repetitive tasks.

  • Personio white Personio
  • Logo gradient blue jira White Jira
  • Integratie Looker White Looker Studio
  • Power bi Power BI
  • Google sheets Google Sheets
  • Exact online Exact Online
  • Xero Xero
  • Sage Sage
  • Quickbooks Quickbooks
  • Hub Spot Logo white Hubspot