Planning that works for you.

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Sound familiar?

I have no idea if my team can take on any more projects.

Teamleader Focus helps you efficiently manage staff and their time:

  • Check if the staff you need are available and get a better estimate of whether a (new) project is feasible or not. It’s full steam ahead for every project you commit to.
  • Boost your team’s productivity. Make the most of every hour and minimise non-billable time. Don’t leave money on the table!
  • Gain an immediate insight into your team’s workload. Find out who’s snowed under and who still has capacity. Redistribute the workload throughout your team and foster a balanced and productive work environment.
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Connect Teamleader Focus to
  • Google calendar Google Calendar
  • Apple calendar Apple iCloud Calendar
  • Outlook Outlook Calendar
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Sound familiar?

One of my employees just called in sick. What now?

Teamleader Focus means you’re better prepared for those unexpected situations:

  • Keep your schedule flexible to deal with any unexpected delays or issues and make sure your project stays on track. Adapt seamlessly and never miss a deadline.
  • Quickly and easily reschedule tasks when necessary. Protect your team from stress and excessive workloads.
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Sound familiar?

Planning ahead is a shot in the dark!

Teamleader Focus helps you easily plan projects ahead of time:

  • Effortlessly plan upcoming projects by outlining set tasks and effortlessly adding them to your designated team member’s schedule. Now that’s efficiency in action!
  • Make informed decisions with optimised scheduling. Never take on too many tasks again, and know just when to draw a line in the sand.
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Our features at a glance:

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Boost your Teamleader Focus account with planning.

Do you often work on projects? If you do, then you’ll know that proper planning and project management is crucial. Choose the Teamleader Focus plan that best suits your business, and add a scheduling boost, starting from € 35/month (price per account).

Get 25% off your first invoice.

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15,190 entrepreneurs are avoiding all those extra grey hairs that come from delays and unexpected situations.

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The toughest part of an agency’s job? The planning.

Does your agency have more than 20 employees? Then our powerful agency software is for you! Introducing Teamleader Orbit. For every new task, you’ll get a realistic lead time that incorporates capacity planning info and any backlogs. Honestly, your Planner or Operations Manager will thank you!