Project management to 
get those to-dos ticked off.

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Sound familiar?

I constantly have to make my work fit into my tool, rather than the other way round – so annoying! 

Teamleader Focus lets you manage projects flexibly:

  • Choose what works for you, not your tool. Convert approved quotations into set to-dos and be in charge of how you stay on top of work. 
  • Be flexible in your project management and don’t let your tool dictate how you run your business: attach multiple quotations to a project, reuse or copy projects schedules, choose which work to add to your invoice… You’re in charge!
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I want project management software that allows me to work in my own way. With Teamleader Focus, I can! - Sofie Mus, Studio Mustique
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Sound familiar?

Am I actually making any profit? Who knows!

Teamleader Focus connects your projects in real-time to your invoices and quotations:

  • Switch between your quote and your project, then your project and your invoice in a matter of clicks. Avoid duplication and multiple, stand-alone apps.
  • Invoice at any point, even before project completion. Create an invoice based on hours worked, an agreed sum or both. Flexible through and through!
  • Be that smart project manager: know the costs, revenue and profit associated with each project. Be the key link in the chain when it comes to project management. 
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With Teamleader Focus, you double your chances of staying on budget.
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Sound familiar?

This project has taken on a life of its own! 

Teamleader Focus gives you more control over your project budget:

  • Keep a close eye on your budget for hours worked and materials used. Receive a notification every time you’re close to your budget’s limit. Be transparent and keep everyone happy.
  • Track your time even when you’re on the road or on-site, then easily convert tracked time into invoices. Quickly invoice every hour you’re on the job.
  • Understand your margins as you work through a project and after you’ve completed it. Allocate each cost against the correct, agreed budget, and avoid any nasty surprises.
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Thanks to the reports in Teamleader Focus, we can now monitor our budget and deadlines for each project more easily. - Rachel Gasper-Rothengatter, Floooow

Expect the unexpected and combine project management with planning

Every day, things happen to you that you have no control over. With planning, you can quickly and easily reschedule tasks to keep your project on track. That way, your team will deliver quality without missing a deadline.

Our features at a glance:

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Boost your Teamleader Focus account with project management.

Do you often work on projects? Then project management and planning are much needed. Choose the Teamleader Focus subscription that best suits your business, and add our project management Booster, starting from € 35/month (price per account).

Get 25% off your first invoice.

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15,190 entrepreneurs are already working on their next to-do.

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The toughest part of an agency’s job? The planning.

Does your agency have more than 20 employees? Then our powerful agency software is for you! Introducing Teamleader Orbit. For every new task, you’ll get a realistic lead time that incorporates capacity planning info and any backlogs. Honestly, your Planner or Operations Manager will thank you!