Project planning

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Deliver projects within time and budget without complexity.

Awesome projects take time and effort to complete. So why overcomplicate things with difficult project management software? Teamleader Focus’s project management is designed to keep a tight grip on any project, while the built-in project planning feature guarantees an optimal use of your human resources.

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External access through Projectcloud

With our personalisable Projectcloud platform, you can let both freelancers and customers check on the status of a project, review documents and give feedback. Customers can also view scheduled meetings or contact your employees. Of course, you get to decide who has access to what.


We wanted a CRM system to streamline our sales process. Teamleader Focus quickly proved the best option because of its user-friendliness and simplicity.

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Insight in profit on projects

How much did you spend on resources, people, tasks? What will you earn? What can be optimised in future projects? Get a crystal-clear overview of costs, revenue and profit per project. Teamleader Focus gives you in-depth knowledge of the fruits of your labour.