All your client information at your fingertips

  • Easily manage your contacts and create your own target groups
  • Search for all information on a client by simply typing in their VAT number
  • Keep track of each time you contact the client
  • Send your newsletter from the integrated platform

Thanks to Teamleader, you can quickly and easily manage all of your contacts. You can link contacts to companies and note their position within the organization. If you enter a company’s VAT number, Teamleader automatically fetches all available information on the company. Filtering your contacts is also a cinch with tags and segments.

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Manage your contacts

Manage your contacts quickly and efficiently. Link them to a company and enter their position in. You can add an existing contact list toTeamleader via CSV import or the API. If you enter the VAT number, Teamleader automatically fetches the available information on that company. You can also directly import financial information to Teamleader if the company is in the Trends Top database.

Action Summary by client

You can follow which colleagues had contact with a company by using the chronological action overview. You can also see who they contacted, as well as when and how. Teamleader keeps a record of phone calls, e-mails, meetings and invoices. All information is collected for each client so that you and your colleagues easily stay on top of all the communication with the client.

Simple client segmentation

Organize your client file by efficiently segmenting it. You can divide your clients according to sector, province or postal code. You can also assign certain tags to your clients. You can distinguish between clients and other contacts by using labels such as 'client', 'supplier' or 'employee'.