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Online CRM

Online CRM

Manage all contacts from one place, get a clear overview, and build better relationships.



Schedule and track meetings, tasks and events for you or other team members.

Sales management


Follow up on each potential customer, improve your sales process and seal the deal more efficiently.

Online invoicing


Send invoices automatically and effortlessly, and keep track of their status in an instant.

Project management

Project management

Manage projects at the click of a mouse, respect deadlines & budgets and collaborate as a team.

Support tickets

Support tickets

Rapidly handle customer questions and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Time tracking

Time tracking

Keep track of hours worked, improve your team’s productivity and your bottom line.


Voice calls (VoIP)

Make and record calls directly from the CRM using just your internet connection: easy and hands-free.

Discover the benefits

All-in-one tool

Teamleader is a one-stop-shop for CRM, invoicing, and project management. Saving you both time and money, Teamleader integrates with all your favorite tools.

Really easy & user-friendly

Tech-savvy or a total novice? No worries, we’ve got you covered. In fact, Teamleader is easy peasy. At least, that’s what our customers say. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Pay only for what you need

A Teamleader subscription starts at €25 per month. We charge based on the amount of users and features. Oh yeah, need help? Get free support too.

Over 5,000 SMEs work smarter with Teamleader

Jan Deruyck
In The Pocket

We evaluated 20 systems. Teamleader offered it all; sales, invoicing follow-up, project management, ... What ultimately won us over was the phenomenal support. Teamleader now helps us think more strategically and our Sales team no longer slacks off on administration.

Jan Deruyck
Director of Sales & Marketing
Why did we choose Teamleader?
  • All-in-one tool
  • Superior project management
  • Streamline our sales process
Didier Bintein
Well Played

Before Teamleader our resources were limited: a few Excel files, a whiteboard, ... We were immediately sold with Teamleader. All our sales, invoices, contacts and meetings are in the tool which gives us a really handy overview.

Didier Bintein
Local Entrepreneur
Why did we choose Teamleader?
  • Create quotes and invoices efficiently
  • One stop shop for CRM, sales, and invoicing
  • Built-in phone capability
Mike Gadd

Before Teamleader, we used clunky, expensive CRM software. The tool now helps us focus on our core business, and saves us time and money. The easy access of information makes our Supply, Customer Experience and Sales team much more aligned.

Mike Gadd
Head of Partnerships
Why did we choose Teamleader?
  • Online CRM & Sales for fast customer acquisition
  • Mobile app to work on the go
  • User-friendliness
Local Entrepreneur

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