Teamleader makes work easier.

From the very first contact to the final invoice.

Add leads


Add leads and provide perfect sales follow-up.

Create quotations


Send professional quotations in your own branding.

Convert to project

Convert to project

Turn your quote into a project in just a few clicks.

Create tasks


Divide your project into phases and assign tasks.

Track time


Easily track the time worked on your project.

Create invoices


Invoice your work in no time at all.

Get paid


Get paid quickly and correctly, also online.

It’s list time: a look back at 2019

It’s list time: a look back at 2019

It was a busy year, marked by many new developments. In total, we unveiled no fewer than 20 new features and improvements to Teamleader.

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You’re not a number to us. Except for Number 1.

We’re ready from day 1 to guide you through our software. Step by step, until you’ve found your way.

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Software you & your customers will love.

Our software helps your business in 4 areas: customer relationships, invoicing, project management and support. That saves you time and effort. And probably some sleepless nights too.

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Teamleader loves to team up with your current software.

Teamleader is great at making friends: our software can exchange data seamlessly with 200+ apps and tools. Connect your favourite apps to Teamleader and start reaping the benefits today.

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Teamleader and your current software? A dream team.

Teamleader is compatible with 200+ apps and tools that your company might already be using. Less copy and paste, more efficiency.


More than 10.000 SMEs chose fewer chores.

Jason Fletcher-Bartholomew

We wanted a CRM system to streamline our sales process. Teamleader quickly proved the best option because of its user-friendliness and simplicity.

Jason Fletcher-Bartholomew
Aardman, Academy Award® winning studio
Jan Deruyck

Teamleader helps make our company a well-oiled machine – and their customer service is phenomenal.

Jan Deruyck
In The Pocket
Jannis Lootens

Our project managers have a 360 view of all projects, our creatives track time, and management has a much easier time making budgets.

Jannis Lootens
Red Matters
Laurent Debaere

I spend a lot less time on quotations, invoices and work orders, so I can focus on what I really like to do.

Laurent Debaere
Real help by real people
Real help by real people

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