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Looking for software to help you manage sales? Teamleader can support you. Read on to discover how to keep track of all steps in your sales funnel with intuitive software.

Want to sell more? Software can help you develop your sales funnel: read this blog article and discover how to get started. Use Teamleader to collect contact information, follow up on potential customers, gain more insight into your results and determine your sales targets.


Closely monitor all deals in your sales funnel

sales funnel teamleader monitor dealsUse deal phases to visualise all steps in your sales funnel. You could use standard phases in Teamleader, or create your own - tailored to your sales process. overview allows you to monitor all deals, and check up on their funnel stage. As a result, you'll always know which action to take next or which phases require more attention.

Think of deal phases as general categories. You can complete them by linking related tasks, meetings and calls for all individual prospects. Example: 'qualified' could be a deal phase, while a reminder to send out a quotation is more of a task.

Would you like to see a clear distinction between different deals? No probs. (Automatically) divide them based on colour codes, so you can always maintain a clear overview of the status of all ongoing deals. In the glimpse of an eye, you'll see if deals were accepted or refused. You can easily tailor this to your own sales process: select how much time can pass before you need to take action for a deal that is yet to be accepted. This, too, is marked with clear colour codes.

To follow up on specific deals efficiently, you can use segments. For instance: would you like to group all companies from one single city? Simply combine them in one segment based on location. Teamleader offers a number of basic segments, but it's always worth your time to consider how your business can segment prospects and customers most efficiently.

Would you like to learn more about segmenting customers and prospects? Be sure to read our blog article on customer segmentation.

Gain insight into your sales funnel and results

By gathering specific information on leads in one place, you'll be able to communicate more personally and tailor your offer to their specific needs. Deal sources help you reveal where leads come from: did you meet this person at an event? Or did he leave you his credentials after downloading a content offer on your website? Deal sources help you better understand your lead.

Deal loss reasons are another important source of information. When do prospects walk away, and why? Are you focusing on the wrong target audience? Is your approach too pushy? Seize the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: ask for consistent feedback.

Of course, you can also segment based on deal sources or deal loss reasons. Suppose you meet many prospects that refuse your quotation for budget reasons: wouldn't it be a good idea to call them as soon as you have a cheaper option? By segmenting based on common deal loss reasons, you'll be able to instantly target these prospects - and be able to set up the right marketing actions in the future.

Teamleader also helps you generate clear business statistics, which will help you gain insight into your current sales funnel. For instance: an analysis of the time between each deal phase for all prospects. Or maybe you prefer a graph to assess the probability of lead conversion in each phase?

Perform better based on actual data

sales funnel teamleader performance data

When it comes to sales, targets are essential. Specific and attainable targets help create transparency for your team and yourself - and serve as extra motivation.

Set targets with Teamleader, using several parameters. Determine targets based on revenue, number of accepted deals, meetings and calls, tasks and results. For each type, you can select additional parameters to make targets as specific as possible.

Keep close track of your targets by comparing your progress to one or multiple previous periods displayed in one graph. That way, you'll quickly figure out how well (or poor) you did at a certain point in time, compared to a week, a month or year ago.

And that's just the start. Using our integrations with other software, you can collect lead data easier than ever before. Teamleader also allows you to send online quotations and have prospects approve them online. You can then use the approved quotation to turn your deal into a project. In short: the software not only supports you in terms of sales, it also helps you automate your entire workflow.