Kamsma: More focus on my work with automated meeting scheduling

The challenge

Muriel faced a constant rise in the number of meetings, each requiring careful planning and coordination, leading to a significant amount of back-and-forth emails. With the shift towards more online meetings, the number of appointments increased. In-person meetings are typically more time-consuming, with additional logistics such as travel and parking.

However, with the ongoing demand for personal financial advice, more people are seeking help with their finances. Following a prolonged period of economic growth, the recent challenging environment has further increased the demand for expert advice.

As a result, Muriel's calendar was filled with appointments, and her inbox was overflowing with scheduling requests. Despite her busy schedule, Muriel remained dedicated to providing excellent service to her customers, often fitting in additional appointments, leading to an imbalance in her work-life balance.

How did Kamsma improve its processes?

Muriel streamlined her scheduling process by integrating the Teamleader scheduling and meeting platform with her personal agenda in Google Apps. This allowed her customers to book appointments independently, without the need for any additional involvement from her. She also optimized her scheduling to ensure there was enough time for each appointment and a 1-week minimum notice for each appointment.

Customers can now choose from a variety of options, including visiting Muriel's business finance office, scheduling a phone call, or conducting an online meeting using the built-in meeting feature. This flexibility allows customers to choose the best option that suits their needs and preferences.

The result

By empowering customers to schedule appointments on their own, Muriel was able to save two to four hours per week on the planning and coordination of meetings. This greatly improved her work-life balance as she could carefully select the timeframes during which customers could book appointments, with a minimum notice period of 1 week.

Muriel now has complete visibility into her upcoming and past appointments, whether she is on the go and using her calendar on her phone or sitting at her desk managing her work with Teamleader. This allows her to stay organized and on top of her schedule.

Moreover, the number of human errors was significantly reduced as all appointment data is automatically entered into Teamleader, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This streamlines Muriel's work and ensures customer satisfaction.

About Kamsma

As a Certified Financial Planner, Muriel Palm-Kamsma is dedicated to optimizing the finances of businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals alike. She has comprehensive knowledge of pensions, insurance, taxation, and legal matters to develop a carefree financial life, now and in the future.

  • 15/02/2023
  • Last modified on 04/03/2024

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