Teamleader Focus: Unwrapping a year of product hits

As 2023 draws to a close, we started to wonder: what did we actually do over the past year? Was it a bittersweet symphony, or did we rock you like a hurricane with our innovations? With somewhere around 30 product updates under our belt, ranging from subtle refinements to the introduction of completely new features, we could say it was a pretty busy year. So let’s get into it, your second favourite end-of-the-year list: everything new (or better) in Teamleader Focus this year.

Invoicing: Easy (like Sunday morning)

Invoicing is a primary focus within our software, and to make sure it runs as smoothly as Lionel Richie, we gave it a thorough check-up. All the updates focus on making invoicing easier, aligning it more closely with the tools you already use. (And to make your bookkeeper happy.) They save you manual work. And some minor annoyances.

  • Exporting invoices now offers newfound flexibility, with options to choose between XLS, CSV, or PDF formats. 
  • We also improved the template editor for your invoice export.  
  • Prepaid billing introduces a collaborative budgeting approach, offering businesses and clients the ability to set a financial groundwork before starting the actual work. 
  • The new and improved Ponto integration helps you save a bunch of time when checking if invoices are actually paid. 
  • You can now add an external BCC address to your invoices and credit notes.
  • Add timesheets when sending invoices in bulk
  • And lastly, archive document layouts.

CRM: Let’s get lead(s)

Another vital part of Teamleader Focus is of course the CRM. We made sure you have a more streamlined approach to managing customer interactions, by making it possible to arrange everything exactly the way you want it. 

  • To simplify the process of adding contacts and companies, we made the fields customisable
  • The clutter was replaced by expandable widgets on detail pages, you can hide or rearrange widgets however you please, creating a sleek and organised user interface. 
  • But we've also prioritised lead generation directly within Teamleader Focus.
  • Our new contact forms allow you to capture and qualify leads straight from your website. 
  • The contact widget provides a one-click solution for your clients to book meetings via your website.

These updates really bridge the gap between initial interaction and customer relationship management. 

Deals & Quotations: A whole lotta updates

Navigating through deals and quotations became more intuitive and efficient. All of these updates make your sales process a tad easier. (Bare with us, there’s a lot.)

  • The dedicated quotations module offers users a centralised space for creating, tracking, and managing quotations, alongside the existing Deals module. 
  • You can set expiry dates on quotations, receive reminders, and even lock expired quotes for signing on CloudSign. 
  • We also worked on the export and import options for remarks on deals. No more misunderstandings and you have all the necessary information right where you need it.
  • You can now archive old layout variations, so you always have a clutter-free overview. 
  • We extended the sales forecast, predicting revenue up to 12 months into the future. 
  • You can see credit notes on both deals and quotations directly.
  • Choose between weighted and absolute values in deal forecasting, providing more nuanced and accurate projections. 

It’s not over yet

  • We launched the multiple sales pipelines. Add (and customise) different pipelines from lead to closure. Admins can easily manage pipelines, set defaults, and users can filter deals by status and phase. 
  • You can unlink deals from projects.
  • You’ll get a warning prompt when hitting the ESC button
  • You can mark a quotation as refused.
  • And you can now add colours(!) on Deal Phases, making it easier to spot which phase your deals are in, especially with the introduction of multiple sales pipelines.

Projects: Stairway to Project Heaven

The new projects emerged as the pièce de résistance of our product updates. This new way of project management adapts to your way of working, helping you deliver projects on time and within budget. The new projects also combine your financial flow and CRM, so you have everything in one tool.

  • From bulk invoicing and date updates to tasks outside projects, each improvement was a step towards providing users with unprecedented control over their projects. 
  • Smart filters for project overviews lead to better insights, helping users identify overdue, over-budget, or billable projects at a glance.
  • Almost everything is customisable.
  • We amped up the user permission settings, resulting in an unparalleled adaptability in project management.

We could go on for an entire 8 minutes and 2 seconds on our new projects. But we won’t.

Disclaimer: We're gradually migrating our customers to the new module, based on your specific project usage. So don't worry if you’re not yet on the new projects, it'll be your turn soon.

Work orders: 9 to 5

This feature is short but incredibly useful, and might help you actually log off at 5. You can delete work orders. Of course, not the ones you actually need, but those unnecessary ones (or, hey, even the necessary ones, we’re not gonna tell you how to live your life.) You can manage and organise your work orders, just the way you want.

Mobile app: The show must go on (even if you’re on the road)

This was a big one: our new mobile app. It looks better. It works better. You can make use of the most powerful features of Teamleader Focus on the mobile app and run your business from anywhere. 

You have your CRM always at hand, can stay on top of payments, create invoices and quotations, maintain a clear overview of your tasks, meetings and calls, and track time, create digital work orders, and manage resources. Anywhere you want.

Haven't had the chance to download it yet? All you have to do is click this link.

Security: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Safety first. Always. And to make sure your Teamleader Focus-accounts can withstand any malintent, we tweaked the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). You know, the gold standard in ensuring secure user logins. 

Now, account admins have the power to enforce MFA, adding an extra layer of protection. Additionally, Single Sign-On (SSO) was made possible via Apple and Microsoft. On top of Google of course.

The best is yet to come

As we bid adieu to 2023, we hope all these updates have led to an even better user experience. And more importantly, that they helped your business achieve whatever goals you had set out for 2023. 

But 2024 has even more in store for you.

Because come early 2024, we’re bringing one of our most requested features ever to Teamleader Focus: planning.

Frame 4
  • Check availability: identify available personnel and resources, to use them in the most optimal way. 
  • Plan for the future: plan your upcoming projects for different timeframes and select the right team member for each task
  • Stay adaptable: adjust your schedule flexibly when unexpected changes occur to keep projects on track. 

But there will be more. Of course. We can’t give away too much, but it’s safe to say your insights are about to get way better.

    • 21/12/2023
    • Last modified on 01/05/2024

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