Contact Forms: from website traffic to valuable leads

Introducing Contact Forms in Teamleader Focus: custom webforms you can easily build yourself, streamlining the lead capturing process. With the new Contact Forms, you convert website traffic into valuable leads, stored directly in your Teamleader Focus CRM. This allows you to follow up on leads faster and provide even better customer service.

A contact form on your website serves as a convenient and user-friendly means for visitors to reach out to you or provide feedback. It bridges the gap between your business and potential customers and eliminates communication barriers, making it easier for potential customers to engage with your brand.

Centralised communication

With Contact Forms, scattered information across different platforms is a thing of the past. Say goodbye to time-consuming, manual data entry and scattered communication channels. All lead information is stored in one centralised platform: Teamleader Focus.

With form submissions landing directly in your CRM, you always have a clear overview of your leads which allows for more efficient lead management and prompt responses. And the faster you can get back to your (potential) clients, the greater customer satisfaction is.

Better customer experience

By selecting exactly what you need to know from website visitors in your Contact Forms, you’ll have all the essential details to tailor your communication based on their specific needs and preferences. By offering personalised experiences, you foster stronger customer relationships. And sell more.

Easy-to-use form builder

The Contact Forms, available in the Customer Meeting add-on, offer an easy-to-use web form builder. There’s no need for designer expertise or technical skills; simply create the form and embed it on your site or share it via a link.

Not sure how to embed a form into your website? We can help!

In Teamleader Focus, you can create custom fields that are relevant to your business, and those fields will be available when creating a form. Ask personalised questions to visitors on your website and the info is automatically stored in your CRM. Collect the contact information you need to deliver a better service.

Why Contact Forms?

Studies show that online forms still have the highest conversion rates among lead capture tools, making them an essential component of successful business strategies. Moreover, the right form fields improve data collection and lead scoring, leading to more qualified leads and better follow-ups. With 74% of businesses already using web forms as the standard lead-capturing method, Contact Forms in Teamleader Focus provides a tried-and-tested solution to stay ahead of the competition.

Web2Lead integration vs Contact Forms

Maybe you’re already using a Web2Lead integration to capture the data from website visitors. Why make the switch?

  • Seamless integration with Teamleader Focus
    Contact Forms offer a seamless integration within your Teamleader Focus account, reducing the need to juggle between multiple platforms. No more technical set-ups or manual data transfer; everything conveniently operates within one system, simplifying your workflow.
  • Future-proof
    Teamleader Focus continuously evolves its platform to ensure it remains up-to-date. Choosing Contact Forms guarantees your web forms are future-proof and evolve with your business software. No more worries about compatibility issues or limitations with external integrations.
  • Improved data collection and lead qualification
    Unlike basic field mapping with other Web2Lead integrations, Contact Forms in Teamleader Focus allow you to create custom fields relevant to your business needs. Offer personalised questions to website visitors, and the information is automatically stored in your CRM. This enables you to collect the necessary contact information for delivering the best service.

How do I activate the Contact Forms?

Contact Forms are a part of the Customer meeting add-on. Haven’t activated the add-on yet? You can do so via the link below. Already using the Customer Meeting add-on? Then you can get started right away!

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