New projects in Teamleader Focus: flexibility, financial flow and CRM all combined in one tool

Teamleader is launching a new way of project management that adapts to your way of working. This makes it easier for you to deliver projects on time and within budget. The new projects also combine your financial flow and CRM, so you have everything in one tool.

The new projects in Teamleader Focus are built around three important pillars: flexibility, integration with your CRM and financial flow, and the reproducibility of projects.


Teamleader Focus helps you grow in your own way. Most project management tools require organisations to adapt their way of working to the software. With Teamleader, our projects adapt to your workflow, not the other way around. Implement your own way of working, as simply as possible. Customise headers, change columns, add colour codes... Work the way you want.

Integration with CRM and financial flow

The financial flow and your CRM are integrated into the new projects. This will allow you to link multiple quotes to one project, or convert a quote into a project and later into an invoice. You can also choose which elements of the quote to convert to your project. The same applies to project invoicing: you have complete control over what work is included or excluded from an invoice.

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The advantage of this seamless link between your projects, financial flow, and CRM is not only the ease of use, but on top of that, you no longer need different tools. By keeping all the information in one place, you work more efficiently, have a better overview, and avoid the risk of errors. And thanks to the clear overview of budgets, costs, and profits, project managers also know what they contribute to the success of your company. This, in turn, leads to more engagement and prevents any loss of euros!

Creating invoices

Easy to replicate

You can easily reproduce projects as well. Many organisations often have the same type of projects that they repeat for different clients. In such cases, it is much more efficient to copy and reuse an existing project for a new client rather than starting from scratch. This is also possible within a single project: copying a task or task group is just a click away.

The key new features summarised

  • More project information: The invoicing method is visible, you can assign colour codes, customise headers, and have the ability to link multiple deals to a project. You can also display exactly the information that is important to your role within the project. This selection is saved, so you immediately see what matters to you in a project.
  • Clear work breakdown: There are separate cost items for materials and external costs, you can adjust the order of items and columns, and it is possible to duplicate groups and rules.
  • More flexible tasks: You can assign one task to multiple employees, see the task status, and assign an invoicing method to a task.
  • From quote to project: Convert separate quotes into one project and convert a new quote into an existing project. The subheadings of your quote become groups, and the lines on your quote become your tasks or materials. Moreover, you can choose which elements of a quote are included in your project.
  • Invoices per project: Convert separate parts of a project into an invoice, making it easy to create interim invoices for long-term projects. Soon, you will also be able to link existing invoices to projects.

In short, a seamless flow from initial contact to quote, to a won deal, to project, to planning and invoicing. And all of that in just one tool.

How do I switch to the new projects?

These new projects will be first rolled out to existing customers who are not yet using projects in Teamleader Focus, and to new customers. Soon, we will also launch these new projects for customers who are already working on projects today. We certainly don't want any work to be lost. All existing projects will remain available, albeit in the new environment. The current project module will be supported until at least the beginning of next year. This allows you to switch when you are ready.

  • 31/05/2023
  • Last modified on 06/12/2023

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