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Hereinafter referred to as “Us”, “Our”, “We” and “Teamleader”.

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Why this Cookie Policy?

We want to provide you with a seamless and personalized user experience. To achieve this, we use various cookies and similar technologies (hereafter: “Cookies”) on our Teamleader Focus platform (hereafter: the “Platform”). We want you to have a clear picture of what these Cookies do and why we use them.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files or tools used to collect and store user information - either personal or non-personal data - as you navigate our Platform. Cookies ensure Platform functionality and enhance your user experience, e.g. by remembering your preferences and analyzing your behavior as a user.

Cookies can be placed on your device by us ("first party cookies") or by our trusted partners ("third party cookies").

What information is collected via Cookies?

We collect the following device and usage data: identifiers, internet activity information such as IP address (or proxy server information), device and application information, location, browser type, integrations, ISP, mobile carrier, pages and files viewed, searches, operating system, language preferences, date and time stamps associated with your usage, and frequency of visits to the Platform.

What are Cookies used for?

The Cookies we use on our Platform serve the following purposes:

  • help us provide and improve our Platform;
  • analyze the usage of our Platform;
  • secure and maintain our Platform;
  • identify future opportunities for development of our Platform;
  • identify customer opportunities.

We distinguish two categories of Cookies according to their purposes:

  • Essential cookies
  • Optional cookies

We deeply value your privacy and your user experience. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest standards of both. That’s why we have thoughtfully considered the placement of each Cookie in the 'essential' or 'optional' category, weighing your privacy against our business interests. This reflects our commitment to finding a balance that respects both your privacy rights and our ability to deliver our services in a way that is most valuable to you.

It is important to note that we do not use any third-party pixels and trackers for advertising purposes within our Platform.

Essential Cookies:

Essential cookies are automatically activated because we believe they are essential for the proper use of the Platform. They cannot be deactivated through our cookie banner.

We make a distinction between (i) strictly necessary cookies and (ii) functional and limited analytics cookies.

Strictly necessary Cookies

These essential Cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the basic functionalities of our Platform.

We employ the strictly necessary Cookies for the following purposes:

  • Security: these cookies play a key role in authentication and access control. They verify user identity and fortify the Platform against unauthorized user activities. They help maintain a secure environment, shielding the Platform from potential harm and misuse.
  • Error Monitoring: these Cookies ensure the stability and reliability of our Platform. They allow us to identify and resolve technical issues promptly to ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Page Rendering: these Cookies store information about how the Platform should be displayed, enabling the browser to render it consistently across visits. They help maintain user preferences for layout, style, or other rendering-related aspects.
  • Payment: these Cookies securely store transaction details during online purchases, facilitating seamless payment processes. They help track and authorize transactions, enhancing user experience and ensuring transaction security.

Functional & limited analytics cookies

Apart from strictly necessary Cookies, we have also included certain functional and analytics Cookies in the 'essential' category. Although not strictly necessary per se, we believe they are crucial for the proper use of our services. We have made this choice to ensure you receive the best possible user experience:

  • Support Chat: these Cookies allow us to provide you with support chat in the Platform. We consider fast and personalized customer support to be essential to the high level of service you expect from us.
  • Tutorials: these Cookies support tutorials in the Platform by remembering user progress and preferences. This ensures a seamless learning experience, allowing users to pick up where they left off and tailoring tutorial content to individual needs.
  • In-App Communications about Product Updates: we use these Cookies to inform you about important product updates. This allows you to make the most out of our Platform and stay informed about enhancements that benefit you.
  • Limited Analytics Cookies: We have enabled a limited set of analytics Cookies automatically because we believe they are essential to provide you with a personalized and efficient user experience. These analytics help us understand how you use our services which allows us to improve them accordingly.

How to deactivate essential Cookies

While there is no possibility to deactivate the essential Cookies through the cookie banner, you are still free to block all Cookies via your browser settings, browser extensions, privacy modes, operating system settings, third-party privacy tools, or other means available to you.

Optional Cookies:

We have also classified a number of Cookies as 'optional.' Although these Cookies are useful, we don’t consider them to be essential for the proper use of our Platform. These Cookies are only activated if you provide your consent, and you have the freedom to deactivate them at any time through our cookie banner.

These optional Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • User Session Analysis: these Cookies are employed to conduct in-depth user session analysis. By tracking mouse movements, clicks, and scrolling behavior, these Cookies generate heatmaps that visually represent user engagement. This data is invaluable for optimizing the design and functionality of our Platform based on real user interactions.
  • CES Scoring: for Customer Effort Score (CES) evaluation, Cookies assist in collecting data on user interactions and feedback. This information is relevant for assessing the ease of use and efficiency of your Platform, contributing to continuous improvement.
  • NPS Surveys: these Cookies play a role in managing Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys by identifying users who have or haven't participated. This allows for targeted survey campaigns and helps gauge user satisfaction and likelihood to recommend the app.
  • Trial Sales Chat: these Cookies facilitate personalized chat experiences during the trial period. They store information about user preferences and past interactions, enabling the sales team to offer tailored assistance.

How to deactivate optional Cookies

You can easily deactivate the optional cookies by changing your consent in this Cookie Policy.

How long are Cookies stored?

We use both session Cookies and persistent Cookies. Session Cookies exist only during a single session and disappear from your device when you close your browser or turn off the device. Persistent Cookies, however, remain on your device for a maximum of one year after you close your browser or turn off your device.


Do you still have questions or comments about how Teamleader handles Cookies after reading this Cookie Policy? Get in touch with our Data Protection Officer via!

You can find more information about your privacy rights and choices in our Privacy Statement. Thank you for choosing our services.