Teamleader joins Visma and strengthens its position on the European market

Visma is one of Europe's leading providers of business-critical software for a more efficient and resilient society. Visma has 15,000 employees and 1,200,000 private and public sector customers in the Benelux, Nordic countries, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America.

A shared mission

Visma's mission is very similar to Teamleader's vision: to shape the future with powerful technology. By joining Visma and the broad support, we at Teamleader can simultaneously accelerate our growth ambitions.

This creates a clear win for all involved. Our founder and CEO Jeroen De Wit confirms:

"The best gift we can give our customers is time to focus on their core business. With our software, we take away as much as possible from everything else. For the next phase of our business, it is important that we connect with a good technology partner who can help us with our plans. At Visma, we have ended up in a winning team where we keep the autonomy to continue our business. At the same time, we can get help in the areas of technology, security, commerce and business operations. In addition, there are many companies within Visma that serve the same target group as we do. This allows us to jointly grasp the opportunities that exist in the market."

Secure cloud software is on the rise

In Belgium and the Netherlands, Teamleader is the market leader in work management software. Now, ten years after its foundation, over 13,000 organisations work with our software. In 2021 alone, € 10+ billion in invoices flowed through Teamleader systems.

However, the number of entrepreneurs and SMEs in Europe continues to grow rapidly. In addition, the number of companies wanting to switch to modern, secure cloud software continues to grow rapidly. To meet the increased demand for software, to innovate faster and to accelerate growth, we decided to take the plunge and join Visma.

John Reynders, Area Director Benelux of Visma: "The way Teamleader helps businesses grow really appeals to me. I come from an entrepreneurial family and know better than anyone that passion is the driving force behind running a business. But the business side of entrepreneurship is also important. Teamleader understand service organisations like no other. It has created the most user-friendly software on the market for them. I am proud that the fast-growing Teamleader has chosen to join Visma for its next phase. Together we can help service providers focus on their core business by simplifying and automating business processes."

Only benefits for the customer

For Teamleader's existing customers, little will change. Teamleader will continue to operate under its own name and with its current team of 180 employees as an independent part of the Visma Group. All agreements with you, the customer, will remain unchanged. Our customers even gain from this, according to Jeroen:

"Within Visma there is an enormous amount of talent and experience, both in terms of software development and along the commercial side. Our partnership makes it possible to use that knowledge 100% for the benefit of the customer, and to drive the evolution of our tools forward."

  • 23/06/2022
  • Last modified on 04/03/2024

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