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Offer your prospect different quotations to choose from and increase your chances of winning a deal. A long-awaited and heavily requested feature is now available in the packages GO, MOVE and BOOST: the possibility to create multiple quotations per deal.

We’ve been talking with our customers for years now and if there was one thing that continuously topped the feature requests chart, it was the possibility to create multiple quotations for a single deal.

Adding this feature to Teamleader Focus was, therefore, a no-brainer and not so much a question of if, but more of when. As deals and quotations are crucial pieces of the Teamleader Focus puzzle, we had to take our time to make sure everything needed for a proper implementation was in place.

One deal. Multiple quotations.

Prospects will always compare and look for the best deal. That’s simply the way of business. Providing multiple quotations to choose from is, therefore, a very common part of the sales process.

With multiple quotations in Teamleader Focus, you can create as many quotations as you need within a single deal. On top of that, you can easily present all of these quotations (or a selection of them) via Cloudsign.


Cloudsign is the online quotation platform from Teamleader Focus. It allows potential customers to view and sign quotations online. The signed quotations are 100% legal, and the platform’s professional look and feel inspire confidence. The layout is professional in your house style, and everything works extremely fast. Has your prospect viewed or even signed your quotation? Then you receive a notification in Teamleader Focus, and the deal that goes with the quotation automatically changes to 'Won'.

Via Cloudsign, your prospect has the possibility to toggle between the quotations you made available. Once they made their choice, accepting and signing the quotation happens in no-time. No matter the platform they are using.

Multiple quotations

The difference between you and your competitors? Presenting your different quotations, receiving feedback on them and eventually getting one quotation signed all happens via just one simple link.

Incredibly efficient for your sales pipeline and clear as day for your prospect. Say goodbye to the never-ending back-and-forth via email with a myriad of documents in attachment.

Put to the test.

From a purely technical point of view, adding multiple quotations to Teamleader Focus wasn’t an easy feat. It required some elaborate planning and a thorough preparation.

To make sure the feature did the job just right, we first ran an extensive beta test. Numerous customers that requested multiple quotations and were using workarounds had the opportunity to try it out for a couple of weeks.

Teamleader Focus users are a creative bunch.

If something isn’t possible, they work around it. These are the most common workarounds that are now obsolete because of multiple quotations:

  • Creating twin deals or a deal per quotation

  • Creating a first quotation, downloading that quotation to then update it and download a second version.

  • Adding an ‘Optional’ section when putting together the quotation in the editor

In the end, the beta test generated no less than 150 questions, requests and suggestions in just a couple of days. And that input was valuable as it enabled us to include some extra improvements and track down bugs.

Very nice to hear that the feedback was valuable! Thank you for being so closely involved with your customers during a beta phase, this offers enormous added value for both us (as customers) and you I assume.

Jorchem Nelen - Veilico bv

Want to see multiple quotations in action? Find out all the details in our support centre or try out Teamleader Focus for free for 14 days.