Lead management: from lead to customer in just 12 steps

How do you ensure a streamlined workflow? CRM, project planning, invoicing and support: with these 12 steps, you can manage your entire business from A to Z.
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Save time with automation

Teamleader Focus will automate time-consuming processes, such as:

  • Adding and updating contacts
  • Following up on sales and projects
  • Drafting and sending quotations or invoices and following up on payments online

Increase sales and stay on top of the entire process

  • Discover the progress made at each step of the sales process
  • Gain insights into the results of your sales team
  • Send invoices and allow your customer to approve them online
  • Identify sales opportunities and increase your ROI

Collect the right data and maintain close customer relations

Collecting data can be done easily in several ways:

  • Fetch the necessary data automatically by entering a VAT number
  • Use the Chrome plugin and save contact details from emails
  • Scan business cards and store data without manual entry

Use the stored data to gain better insights:

  • Consult the required information at any time, at any place
  • Gain a clear overview of your database by adding tags and segments
  • Identify different target groups and communicate personally

Gain more insight and improve your processes

  • Have more productive meetings and more overall return
  • Get a better overview of your processes and provide more transparency for your customers
  • Gain insight into your performance based on reporting

Integrate Teamleader Focus. with all your favourite software and work even more efficiently

You can also use one of the many Teamleader integrations from our Marketplace: one central hub that allows you to connect your favourite tools. On our Marketplace, you’ll find hundreds of integrations with accountancy software, email marketing or online payment tools, and much more. This makes Teamleader the perfect solution for any modern business. Curious how Teamleader can save you time and money?

  • 05/10/2017
  • Last modified on 19/03/2024

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