Predict your future income with Teamleader’s Financial Forecast

Stop wasting time sifting through bank statements and complicated Excel sheets to find out your business’s income in the upcoming months and start forecasting the easy way with Teamleader’s financial forecast. You get a clear and up-to-date overview of how much money you can expect to be paid in the current and upcoming two months, and you get to throw out those Excels! Many companies spend a considerable amount of time trying to predict the incoming money for the upcoming months accurately. This is due to many reasons, mostly because financial information is often scattered throughout bank statements, invoices, credit notes and Excel sheets. Due to the manual nature of excel sheets, they tend to be quickly outdated or contain errors due to the manual transmission of data. The result: uncertainty about your figures and no clear picture of your company's expected income.

To give your business that financial peace of mind, Teamleader just launched its Financial Forecast. With it, you get an accurate prediction of the incoming money, just like you do for your sales turnover. This way, you can confidently predict the money inflow in the coming months.

Regain your financial perspective

2020 was a strange year, and business might not have been as booming as you wanted it to be (although we hope for the opposite!). Luckily, we’re offering businesses more perspective for in 2021, starting with the Financial Forecast.

Knowing exactly how much money is coming in for the next few months hands you a powerful tool for your business needs. It allows you to:

  • Make informed decisions on your business;
  • Spend more time on your day-to-day work instead of manually calculating your future income;
  • Keep track of business KPIs easily.

Different strokes for different folks

We dove deep into our users’ current processes to forecast their incoming money during our beta period. We immediately saw that people use different methods and definitions to create their predictions. While for one person, their revenue excludes VAT, others only count what their bank account states precisely. For some, a forecast shouldn’t include what’s already paid, for others, it’s an irreplaceable part of forecasting. That’s why we opted to make the view customisable to your needs.

Forecast EN

This means you can adjust Teamleader’s Financial Forecast to your liking. You define what’s included; whether it’s draft invoices, paid invoices, credit notes or subscriptions - You’re the master of your own forecast. Would you rather see amounts including or excluding VAT? You got it! The best part: Teamleader saves your personal preferences, so you don’t need to adjust the forecast each time.

Convenience and simplicity

Pano Sign'Service had a chance to beta test the Financial Forecast. This is what they think:

"Before Teamleader's financial forecasts, I had to export all my figures and import them manually into Excel. I wasted a lot of time doing these actions. The figures were not up to date without manipulation and due to lack of time.

Thanks to Teamleader’s Financial Forecast, I have all the information I need in one solution. Knowing at a glance what’s already been paid and what’s still to come offers convenience and simplicity. The forecast automatically links all our invoices, so I can consult the cash income for the upcoming months whenever I like. It’s always up-to-date, flexible and saves me hours of time."

So stop wasting time with Excel sheets and examining bank statements or invoices.

  • 14/01/2021
  • Last modified on 16/10/2023

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