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Aardman: "Teamleader offered exactly the features we needed to improve our sales process."


Teamleader helps Aardman get a better grip on their sales process. Keep reading to learn more about their story.

Who? Jason Fletcher-Bartholomew, Head of New Business & Executive Producer
What? Studio
Teamleader since? December 2016
Challenge? Creating a streamlined sales process to attract new business

Academy Award®winning studio Aardman have been inspiring and nurturing creative talent for over 40 years, you might know them as the creators of Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and Chicken Run. Their body of work uses storytelling, humour, painstaking craft and the latest technology to create original entertainment, as well as partner content for brands and advertising agencies around the globe.


Jason Fletcher-Bartholomew has been working at Aardman for 13 years and manages the generation of new commercial business from brands and agencies. He visits agencies in London on a regular basis to present the company’s work and tries to get potential customers engaged with their content. In addition, he manages many of Aardman's commercial productions in his role as Executive Producer. He uses Teamleader on a daily basis.

“What makes Aardman unique is that all our resources are on site: from script editors, to designers, editors, licensing, and merchandising - all the magic happens in house. We also have a great mix of production talent from all corners of the UK.”

Accelerating Aardman’s sales process to gain new business

Aardman4.jpg“2016 was a bit of a challenging year. That’s why we wanted to dig deeper into our sales process. It turned out we were using too many outdated systems. None of those were really communicating, so change was necessary to grow our business.”

“The need for a more streamlined sales process prompted the quest for a CRM system, which kicked off in February 2016. In total, we evaluated 3 different systems. We had very straightforward requirements: we wanted the software to have an intuitive interface and overall ease of use. For each system we tried out, we imported a small, clean set of data. We quickly noticed that Teamleader proved to be the best option because of its user-friendliness and simplicity.”

Getting rid of a mishmash of Excel sheets

“We were looking for software that wasn’t too overwhelming so it wouldn’t dissuade people from using it. Teamleader’s core structure offered just the right functionalities, and we could mold and stretch it the way we wanted."

“In the past, we mainly used clunky Excel sheets, which simply weren’t helpful. We were looking for software that wasn’t too overwhelming so it wouldn’t dissuade people from using it. Luckily, Teamleader’s core structure offered just the right functionalities, and we could mold and stretch it the way we wanted. That was pretty refreshing, since a lot of software packages come with many pretty-looking elements you don’t really need. Since we’re quite niche, we can do without all that fluff.”


“We’d like to take it step by step and get the most value from Teamleader’s CRM module for now. Other features such as project planning and invoicing are there, and we can start using them whenever we want.”

“At the moment, we’re focusing solely on CRM to optimize our sales process. The other functionalities of Teamleader, such as project planning, look promising, but we like to take things step by step and get the most value from the CRM system for now. It’s good that those additional features are there and that we can start using them whenever we want.

“Outlook is entrenched in the UK, so it’s really crucial that it syncs with Teamleader. Such a small yet important functionality powerfully illustrates the value of the software to my team. Most people use the Teamleader Dashboard to follow up on tasks, meetings, and calls, which are automatically synced with our emails.”

Transparent collaboration across departments

The tool is gradually helping us unify our departments and stimulate knowledge- and idea-sharing. Before Teamleader, each department worked in their own, separate ways and our contacts were managed in a fragmented way as well. Today, information is much more transparent and our workflows are more aligned.


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