Terms of Service

Let's face it. No company has time to review the terms and conditions of all its suppliers and vendors. That's why we've made it as easy as possible for you. Below you will find the legal questions that our (potential) customers ask the most. So if you want peace of mind when clicking the 'I accept the terms of service' button, just read this FAQ.

Free trial

  • Why do I need to accept the terms of service when creating a free demo account?

    Even if you are not a paying customer (yet), we want you to respect our terms of use. For example, you may not use our tool to carry out illegal activities or to infringe on someone else's intellectual property. In addition, we cannot allow you to create a free trial account several times so that you can avoid paying for a licence.

    It goes without saying that all provisions in the terms of service regarding payment and invoicing do not apply to you as long as you are not a paying customer.

  • Why do I have to accept Teamleader's data processing agreement (DPA) when creating a free demo account?

    As soon as you import personal data (e.g. from your customers) into our software environment (Teamleader Focus tool), you act as 'data controller' within the meaning of the GDPR. In doing so, you rely on Teamleader to keep this personal data safe. Teamleader is then a so-called 'data processor'.

    Via our DPA, we define our respective responsibilities. If you want to know which technical and organisational measures we take to protect your data, be sure to read our Security page.

The Contract

  • Can I change my mind after the conclusion of a Teamleader Focus subscription?

    No, that's not possible. We offer a free trial period of 14 days precisely because this allows you to test our tool beforehand and clearly know what you're buying.

    In addition, all of our customers are by definition companies, which means that the legal right of withdrawal, which only applies to consumers (in a number of legally defined cases), cannot be invoked.

    However, if the type of license or the number of users does not match what you requested, please report this within 48 hours so that we can rectify the situation.

  • Do I need a signed copy of the terms of service?

    In order to enter into a legally valid agreement with Teamleader, it is sufficient that you have electronically accepted our terms of service by ticking the corresponding checkbox. We record the date on which you agreed to our terms of service.

    Please note that we can change our Terms of Service at any time, but we will always inform you of important changes.

  • Can I negotiate the terms of the contract with Teamleader?

    No, every day we welcome new customers at Teamleader. It is unmanageable for us to conduct individual negotiations with each customer. Our terms of service and data processing agreement are drawn up in accordance with industry standards and do not contain unreasonable conditions. In other words, we do not accept changes to our legal documents. This also means that we never sign (license and data processing) agreements that our customers present to us.

  • Can Teamleader change its terms of service?

    Yes, we can change our terms of service at any time. We do not need to inform you about minor changes. It is sufficient that the most recent version of our terms of service can always be consulted via our website.

    However, if we make substantial changes, we will notify you in advance. This gives you the opportunity to raise any objections (and - if no other solution can be reached - to terminate your contract).

Payment & Invoicing

  • Can Teamleader change its prices?

    Yes, that's possible. Like any company, we are subject to changes in the market and adjust our prices when appropriate. Our prices will always be in line with the value of our services.

    In any case, we will always inform you in advance of any planned price changes. This gives you the opportunity to express any objections (and - if no other solution is possible - to terminate your contract).

  • What if I pay my invoice late?

    If you fail to pay an invoice within the agreed payment period, we may charge interest and collection costs.


  • What if the Teamleader Focus tool is temporarily unavailable?

    Of course, we do everything we can to ensure that our tool is available non-stop. However, we cannot give any absolute guarantees in this respect. For example, the updates and maintenance work that we carry out on a regular basis can have an impact on the availability of the tool. In addition, as an exception, it is possible that problems with our software temporarily impede the availability of our tool. The temporary unavailability of our tool will not give rise to any financial compensation. You can always follow the status of the availability of our tool closely via our status page.


  • Can I easily terminate my contract with Teamleader?

    Yes, terminating your contract is very easy. You can do this via a specially provided form in our tool. Please note: only admins can terminate the contract.

    However, it is important that you terminate the contract in time, i.e. fifteen days before the end date of your license period (quarter or year, respectively). If you terminate your contract late, you will receive an invoice for an additional license period (quarter or year, respectively).

    For more information about terminating your license, please consult our support Centre.

  • What happens to my data when the contract with Teamleader ends?

    If you terminate your contract, your Teamleader Focus account will be deactivated one day after the end of the license period (quarter or year, respectively). It is your responsibility to export your data before that date. When the account is deactivated, all data in that account is automatically deleted. We do this for privacy reasons.

National regulations

  • If I use the Teamleader Focus tool, do I automatically comply with the legislation in my country (e.g. on VAT, invoicing, etc.)?

    Teamleader is a company established under Belgian law and based in Belgium (Ghent). For this reason, the tool we offer has been developed in such a way that it primarily strives for compatibility with Belgian law. This of course also includes the European regulations that have a direct effect in Belgium (e.g. the GDPR).

    However, Teamleader does not focus exclusively on Belgian companies. That is why Teamleader aims to make its software as compatible as possible with the mandatory national regulations of other EU Member States (especially the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and Germany). However, Teamleader cannot give any guarantees in this respect. It is the final responsibility of the customer to check whether the use of the Teamleader Focus tool is in line with the national regulations in force in the country where his/her company is based.

    Our legal department will be happy to answer any questions you may have in this respect.