Referral Policy
Teamleader Focus

The referral program (hereafter: the “Program”) offered by Teamleader NV (hereafter: "Teamleader") aims to motivate existing Teamleader Focus users to recommend the Teamleader Focus software application (hereinafter the "Tool") to businesses that have no paying account on the Tool yet. In addition, it aims to reward people who value these recommendations and act upon them.

An existing user of the Tool who actively recommends the Tool to others is hereafter referred to as an “Ambassador”. For the purposes of clarity, only natural persons who have a personal administrator or user account on the Tool at the time of the referral can be Ambassadors within the meaning of this Referral Policy.

A natural person who, with the Ambassador’s assistance, creates a free demo account on the Tool on behalf of a business that is not a Teamleader customer yet, is hereafter referred to as a “Friend”.

As both Ambassadors and Friends participate in the Program they are hereafter jointly referred to as “Participants”.

A business (in the broadest sense of the word) which, as a result of an Ambassador’s referral to a Friend, switches to a paying account on the Tool is hereafter called a "Referred Customer".

How to Participate

Whenever Teamleader welcomes a Referred Customer, Teamleader will reward both the Ambassador and the Friend involved, provided that the conditions set out in this Referral Policy are met.

Teamleader provides every Ambassador with a unique link which the Ambassador can then share with Friends whose business they believe might benefit from the Tool. Via this link the Friend can then create a free demo account.

Provided that the Friend (i) creates a demo account via the link of the Ambassador and (ii) the demo account converts to a paying account (license) on the Tool within 14 calendar days, the Ambassador receives a reward from Teamleader. The Friend also receives a reward from Teamleader.

Do note: the above conditions are cumulative. If the Friend creates a demo account without using the link of the Ambassador, both the Ambassador and the Friend forfeit any and all rights to their respective rewards. In addition, a reward cannot be granted retroactively to a Ambassador if the demo account did not convert to a paying account within 14 calendar days.

The Rewards

Provided that the above conditions are met, Teamleader will award the following rewards to the Participants:

  • To the Ambassador: a gift card worth €150 via Saasquatch. Depending on the country in which the Ambassador is established/residing, the Ambassador can choose between gift cards from different companies (Amazon, Zalando, and more).
  • To the Friend: a gift card worth €50 via Saasquatch. Depending on the country in which the Friend is established/residing, the Friend can choose between gift cards from different companies (Amazon, Zalando, and more).

Teamleader reserves the freedom to change the above rewards temporarily or permanently.

Teamleader reserves the right not to accept a referral and not to award the corresponding rewards if there is a suspicion of abuse of the Program. Any abuse will be grounds for exclusion from the Program.

Without notice to the contrary, any credits earned under the previous referral program remain valid for an indefinite period of time and can still be used to obtain a discount on a Teamleader invoice.


Teamleader reserves the right to change, limit and discontinue its Program at any time without any justification being required.

Teamleader shall, when discontinuing the Program, reasonably reward Participants who would have been entitled to such rewards if the Program had not been discontinued.

General Provisions

This Referral Policy serves as a binding agreement between all Participants and Teamleader Focus. Anyone who does not agree to the conditions in their entirety as set out in this document shall not be authorized to participate in the Program

Please be advised that Teamleader is entitled to update this Referral Policy by posting a new version on its website. Teamleader will always make the necessary efforts to inform Participants of any significant changes to this Referral Policy. Still, Teamleader highly recommends Participants to regularly consult the Referral Policy themselves.

Participants agree to indemnify, defend and hold Teamleader harmless from and against any and all third party claims, demands, liabilities, costs or expenses, including attorney's fees and costs, arising from, or related to any breach of this Referral Policy or any violation of applicable laws they may commit.

With regard to limitation of Teamleader's liability, we refer to our Terms of Service.

These Conditions are subject to Belgian law. Any dispute concerning the applicability or validity of this Policy shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts where Teamleader has its registered office.