Time tracking

Record your performance

  • Automatically or manually record all hours worked
  • Get an overview of the work done for a client or project
  • Easily invoice the number of hours worked
  • Easily organize your invoicing by putting your setting uninvoiced apart

Accurately record the time worked for each task. Are you close to finishing a project? Then simply create an invoice based on the number of hours recorded! You will also be able to see the time that your employees spent on a task or project in the day or weekend summary.

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Record every task performed

If a task has been completed or a meeting is coming to an end, then Teamleader will ask you to enter the time spent. The time tracking launches automatically as soon as you log on to Teamleader and restart for each new task. Of course you can also manually enter time spent. You can also assign the number of hours worked for each client or project.

Record every task performed
Time management and invoicing

Follow up with your employees

Your employees’ times sheets give a summary of the hours worked per day, week and month. Define different types of tasks and analyse how many hours are able to be invoiced. The statistics generated using the data from the time tracking will give you insights into how your team is working. These reports can be downloaded as an Excel file.

Invoice all of your time

Set a limit for recorded but uninvoiced time. If the limit has been exceeded, the client will receive an invoice. You can find the total uninvoiced time on the detail page of each client. You can easily select which recorded time you do and do not want to add to the invoice.

Invoice all of your time