Time tracking should never be wasted time.

Time tracking should never be wasted time.

Instead, it should be user-friendly and uncomplicated. Teamleader’s Time Tracker helps you draft accurate timesheets for correct invoicing and reporting. Gain useful insights about your team’s performance and get a clear picture of project progress. All from one, intuitive menu.

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Time tracking for every task or meeting

Teamleader allows you to track time spent on every task, call or meeting. You can then link them to the according project and customer. Whether you start a timer or enter your worked time afterwards, there’s no easier way to track your hours.

Easy follow-up of your team’s performance

Your team’s timesheets summarise their performance per day, week and month. Timesheet statistics present you with useful insights into how your team performs. These reports can easily be downloaded as an Excel file.

Precise invoicing based on tracked time

Check the total unbilled time per customer, and simply select what to add to your invoice. Of course, you can always define different rates per task type or employee - or choose a fixed hourly rate. All in line with how you work.

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