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    CRM handbook: what you need to know

    Today more than ever, CRM software is essential to grow your business. One digital tool can help you beat competitors, improve sales and drive customer satisfaction - all while helping you become more cost- and time efficient.

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    Optimise your sales

    Sales is important in any business. Whether you want to speed up the time to close a deal, convert more leads into actual customers or sell more: optimising your entire sales process is beneficial to every company.

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    Smarter lead management

    Why do you need smarter lead management? Every business has its own particular objectives. There are two that stand out though: more sales and more growth. In this whitepaper you’ll discover how increase your sales and growth by using the right tools and methods in your lead management.

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    The real value of a quotation

    What does the perfect quotation look like? Does it exist? And what do you have to take into account to create one? Our new white paper covers this subject.

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    How to boost your business with effective time management

    At work, you're often short of time. How come? The answer is not always straightforward. In this ebook, you will find practical and strategical tips to help you get the most out of your day: more productivity and/or higher efficiency.

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    How to attract and identify your ideal customer

    Digital has transformed the buying process. More and more buyers do their research online. Businesses need to be digital too, and this impacts the way you attract or generate leads and qualify them. To make your business thrive, you need to find the right method to attract and identify leads so you can close deals faster and outclass your competitors.

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    Billability can damage the health of your agency.

    Billability is often regarded as the Holy Grail of agency KPIs. Which is unfortunate. Because evaluating solely on billability can seriously damage your business' health. The main reason? Billability says nothing about margins or revenues. And it can be pretty unfair towards your team.