Invoicing in 2022: what’s new in Teamleader Focus

We recently told you that you can get invoices paid 14 days faster and 37% more on time using Teamleader Focus’ InvoiceCloud platform. While that’s great to get your money in, we also want to help you create and manage those invoices more efficiently.

That’s why we’ve been focusing some of our efforts on improving the invoicing process in general.

  • Improved experience in sending invoices
  • Changes to the behaviour of adding the InvoiceCloud link to emails
  • Improved experience in completing payments
  • Introducing the payment method field
  • Improving invoice reminders
  • Adding the correct stamp to credited invoices

Improved experience in sending invoices

To start, we had a good look at the current way of sending invoices and concluded that this could do with some improvements.

From our data, we know that 88% of invoices are sent via email. 10% of customers prefer to download the invoice manually and then send it to their customers. Only 1% uses the send via postal service option.

Since the latter is hardly used, we decided to remove this option if it’s not actively being used.

Hint: if you do want to use the postal service option, you can still activate this option via your Settings.

The entire email editor also received a nice makeover, making it more intuitive and easier to use. It’s more in line with the rest of the Teamleader Focus interface. Choosing a template or adding an attachment is a lot smoother now.

Changes to the behaviour of adding the InvoiceCloud link to emails

If you have a payment service provider integration enabled, like Mollie or Stripe, a link to the InvoiceCloud platform is always included in the invoice email by default.

However, you might not always want to send an invoice via InvoiceCloud. That’s why we no longer automatically add the InvoiceCloud link to your invoice email templates. So if you want to add a link to InvoiceCloud, you have to make sure the #LINK parameter is included in your email template.

Improved experience in completing payments

Getting paid is always nice, so marking an invoice as (partially) paid should be a nice experience as well. That’s why the flow to mark an invoice as paid received a nice update. We reduced the number of clicks needed to register payment and made it easier to make adjustments.

Add payment EN

Introducing the payment method field

As shown in the image above, you can now also specify the method of payment for an invoice. If you use Mollie or Stripe in combination with InvoiceCloud, this field will be filled out automatically with the method used by your customer.

If you want to enter the payment method manually, you can select a previously added method, or immediately add a new one. The new method will then be available for future payments.

The payment method will be shown on the detail page of an invoice.

Full payment EN

Improving invoice reminders

We implemented a small change in the behaviour of invoice reminders: from now on, the 'Reminder' stamp will only be applied to an invoice if the payment term has been exceeded.

So if your invoice has a payment term of 14 days, and you resend an invoice after 15 days, only then will the 'Reminder' stamp be applied. If an invoice has a payment term of 0 days, there will be a grace period of 12 hours before the stamp is applied.

That means if you made a mistake and need to resend the invoice, the 'Reminder' stamp won’t be applied immediately, giving you time to adjust it.

Adding the correct stamps to credited invoices

Small but important change: a fully credited invoice will now get the stamp 'Credited' on the PDF document.

  • 12/07/2022
  • Last modified on 19/04/2024

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