Teamleader acquires innovative customer meeting platform Vectera: "even stronger customer relationships"

We've had to keep quiet for a long time, until now: Teamleader has acquired Vectera. It's great news because Vectera is an award-winning digital platform that seamlessly streamlines online meetings and conversations, without the need for downloads or an app on every device. The acquisition will strengthen Teamleader's work management platform at a time when more conversations than ever before are taking place online. It is now abundantly clear: online meetings are here to stay.

The pandemic meant that the traditional meeting had to be overhauled. Meanwhile, everyone is enjoying the efficiency and time savings that come with video meetings. We no longer waste time on planning, travelling, finding a parking space and administration. And where traditional solutions reach their limits, innovative Vectera goes much further.

The platform was previously named one of the leading digital meeting solutions of the moment by Getapp. The platform not only facilitates online meetings without the need for downloads or an app. It also allows customers to directly schedule meetings, annotate quotes, automatic time tracking, paying for a meeting, and much more. Currently, more than 4,800 companies in over 100 countries use the platform.

"Vectera makes online meetings so easy that it saves you 1 workday a month."

"At Vectera we have worked relentlessly to optimise the customer meeting journey. From the planning and preparation of the meeting to the meeting itself, the administration, analysis and follow-up, we've made the process so simple that it saves you a full day a month in terms of planning, preparation and administration," says Vectera co-founder and CEO Dieter Dehaemers.

"Over the years, Vectera has evolved from a meeting tool to a customer meeting platform with more advanced capabilities. We think it's really important to help our customers create meaningful connections: talk and engage, sell and discuss, shape solutions and solve problems. So the match with Teamleader is obvious," says Dehaemers.

Acquisition feels like a natural next step

The founders of Teamleader and Vectera have known each other for years and spent some time together at the Dok Noord site in Ghent. "It clicked right away. Teamleader and their culture are a phenomenon. We quickly worked together on integrating our products. This integration was appreciated by our mutual customers. There were times when we really thought: Do we continue to grow solo or do we join a complementary partner?", says Dehaemers.

Eventually, a phone call came from Teamleader CEO Jeroen De Wit and both parties felt the time was right to discuss in-depth collaboration. "With the acquisition of Vectera, we are basically buying innovation", says De Wit. "We are bringing in a top R&D team to Teamleader that can quickly deliver innovative solutions that allow us to add even more value to our customers."

"The philosophies of Teamleader and Vectera fit together flawlessly: helping customers connect with their customers."

The acquisition also fits in perfectly with Teamleader's growth strategy, according to CEO Jeroen De Wit: "Not only is there more than ever a need for digital solutions for entrepreneurs and SMEs, but the philosophy behind Vectera also fits in seamlessly with that of Teamleader. At Teamleader, we want entrepreneurs and SMEs to focus on their customers. With us, they get more done, with less hassle. We want to help them do what they love: connecting with their customers, doing business and serving customers even better and more smoothly. The acquisition of top platform Vectera feels like a natural next step.

You can find out how the story of Vectera and Teamleader will unfold in concrete terms in 't Kuipke in Ghent on 23 June. "During Work Smarter, the entrepreneurial event of the year, I will explain how we will further integrate Vectera into the Teamleader service package and what this acquisition can mean for our customers and their business," says De Wit.

  • 22/04/2022
  • Last modified on 19/03/2024

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