Log in faster and more secure with Single sign-on

You’re probably no stranger to the 'Login with Google' or 'Sign in with Facebook' options on different websites. These login options are called Single sign-on (SSO) and are becoming the industry standard. Single sign-on is a service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials - for example, an email address and password - to access multiple applications. Using this allows you to log in to software or services without having to set up yet another username or password. It uses the same login credentials as you use for Google, Facebook or any other SSO provider. These providers often require more details, like multi-factor authentication or your phone number as an extra threshold, making them a very secure way to log in.

Did you know?

That the average person has around 100 passwords or logins to all kinds of websites and accounts? That’s a lot of passwords to remember. It’s no surprise that people often use the same passwords for different logins, and honestly, who can blame them?

Luckily, today there are tools like Chrome’s password manager or 1Password that help to remember or even generate passwords. More and more software tools also make use of Single sign-on for this reason.

SSO for Teamleader Focus

As of now, Teamleader Focus supports the SSO functionality for Gmail. This covers both regular Gmail addresses and email addresses hosted within Google Business.

That means you can log in to Teamleader Focus faster and more securely, without having to remember your email address and password.

How will it work? Do I have to do anything?

Good news: if the email address you use to log in to Teamleader Focus is a Gmail or Google Business address, you can already make use of the SSO functionality. Just hit the button ‘login with Google’, select the correct email address and you’re set.

If you have a Gmail or Google Business address, but you’re not using it yet to log in to Teamleader Focus, you can change your email address via your profile settings. The next time you log in, you’ll also be able to use the Google SSO functionality.

Oh, good to know: the Single sign-on also works on our mobile app. So if you suffer from fat finger syndrome, SSO will help you to log in on mobile much faster!

Not using our mobile app yet? Get it on the App Store or Play Store!

Are there other SSO options for Teamleader Focus besides Gmail?

Short answer: no. Not yet anyway. A few months ago, we ran a test to see which types of SSO are most popular within our customer base. The test concluded that 50% of the subjects wanted to sign up using Google, 13% using Office 365 and 37% using the normal email flow.

So we decided to start by implementing SSO via Gmail, to serve the highest percentage of our customer base.

That doesn’t mean we’ll stop here. In the future, we’ll be looking into adding more SSO options, like Office 365, Apple ID or LinkedIn. When that time comes, you’ll hear from us again!

  • 28/06/2022
  • Last modified on 19/03/2024

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