Project management: assign roles and responsibilities with Teamleader

Project planning is essential to every company. A clear schedule provides a strong framework and improves communication with your clients. Discover how the Teamleader software can help you improve your project planning now.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, CEO, project manager or team lead: you must be aware of the benefits of good project management. It’s not always easy to implement the structures you had in mind, even if you understand the basics well.

This problem disappears when you use a project management tool that fulfils your needs. Understand how software can help you to have a clear overview, assign roles and responsibilities, collaborate better and ultimately, deliver top-notch projects.

Teamleader could be the tool to take your project management to the next level. With this article, we’ll explain the different levels of the Teamleader project management module and how it can be beneficial to your organisation.

How to start your project?

A lot of projects start with high-level planning. Checking your resources and available team members should be your first step. The second one: assigning more detailed roles, such as defining when you will need backend and front-end developers.

Now it’s time to start planning. After giving your project a name and defining a start date, you can determine stages and milestones. This way, you will be able to easily track your progress.

Keeping a helicopter view with the project planning feature

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Someone - whether that’s a project manager or team lead - should have an overview of the whole project. Check up on all ongoing projects using the project planning feature. This helps you evaluate if your projects going as planned and you’re meeting your deadlines. A simple colour indicates the health status of each project - the greener you see, the better.

Teamleader’s project planning takes new ways of working into account. Instead of planning tasks for your team members linked to a certain period of the day, just plan the number of hours they should spend on the task. If coworkers decide to take a longer lunch break or to start work earlier, that’s not a problem at all.

The helicopter view is indispensable for a project manager, but other team members might want to focus more on the detail page.

Track every detail of your project

When you open the project module, you get an overview of all the projects in your timeline. Select a specific project to check your team members and the defined milestones for your project.

The project manager often defines key milestones. Afterwards, team members can split these up into smaller tasks. Thanks to their experience with the subject matter and work processes, they can estimate better how long it will take to finish each task.

For project stakeholders, a clear overview of sequential tasks and their connection to bigger milestones can be really valuable. These insights can help them to react proactively by increasing or decreasing productivity. Keeping track of the performance of you and your team members, helps you make better estimates and intervene when necessary.

Use your agenda to keep up with tasks

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How can you follow up on a tight schedule without an agenda? Using the calendar, team members can schedule their tasks to make sure they can deliver everything on time. You can also schedule tasks for colleagues so nobody can forget.

You can integrate the Teamleader calendar with your personal agenda while keeping your personal calendar private. Your colleagues will see grey blocks for personal tasks and appointments.

Check up with resources easily

Knowing which team members are busy, worrying about your budget, booking meeting rooms… checking these things manually can be a real hassle. Luckily, with Teamleader you can manage your resources better.

You can use the project resource tab to plan a new project. Check who of your colleagues can free up the most time and is the best fit for your project.

Collaborate with clients and your team

Ultimately, the project planning module helps you collaborate better. For example, a project manager isn’t the only person who can plan tasks. You can perfectly assign tasks to each other, which makes follow-up more straightforward. Especially if you do a good job at communicating and keeping everyone informed!

You can also collaborate better with a client. With the custom-built Project cloud integration, clients can check up on the project status, view scheduled meetings and contact your employees.

Assigning roles and responsibilities is a piece of cake with Teamleader. Improve communication with clients and coworkers and experience how a clear structure helps take your project management to the next level.

  • 01/08/2017
  • Last modified on 26/03/2024

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