Get invoices paid faster with these integrations

Nobody likes to wait for their money. When you’ve delivered a service to a customer, you’d rather have your fee with the snap of a finger. We can’t help you with that, were not magicians (unfortunately), but we can help you make it as easy as possible to get your invoices paid faster.

Teamleader Focus helps you to get invoices paid timely. Setting up automatic reminders, showing overdue invoices, seeing who owes you money in the blink of an eye… It’s all there.

But following up on all of these can be a time-consuming job. Prevention is better than the cure (not the band) in this case. Did you know that the Marketplace offers numerous solutions to make it as easy as possible for your customers to pay you?

Payment solutions

A range of payment solutions are readily available. Using Invoicecloud, Teamleader’s online platform for your customers to check and pay their invoices, you can offer them their preferred payment solution.

Credit card

Payments by credit card are made possible through Stripe. We offer these three to you:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

To learn more about the setup of Stripe and Invoicecloud, check out this in-depth article on our Knowledge Base.

Bank cards and others

There are other options besides credit card. These are made available through Mollie, a similar service as Stripe, but focused more on payments through bank accounts.

  • Bancontact
  • Belfius
  • iDEAL
  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin

So yes, if you want to, customers can even pay you using Bitcoin.

Checking invoice status

It would be a waste of time to check each invoice separately to see if it was paid. Thanks to several bookkeeping integrations, payment statuses are updated automatically in Teamleader.

But what if your bookkeeping tool isn’t part of the list? No need to worry. Paychecks can help you out. PayCheck is a platform built to match open invoices with payments in your bank account. Using CODA documents, a bank standard that specifies the layout for the electronic files, Paycheck will cross reference these files with the structured message of your invoice, and mark the right ones as paid. This way, unpaid invoices easily pop up in your Teamleader account.

Talking about unpaid…

Debt collection

Even after offering the easiest options to pay and countless reminders later, your invoice still remains unpaid. It’s not fun, but it happens. Unpaid helps you to retrieve your money. Upload your outstanding invoices to the Unpaid platform and they’ll get to work for you. Within approximately 30 days, they make sure you receive your money.

All of these integrations can be found on the Marketplace.

    • 08/11/2018
    • Last modified on 06/12/2023

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