New: dedicated quotations module in Teamleader Focus

A convincing, professional quotation makes you sell more and faster. And so it is convenient when it is also easy to create one quickly. To send out quotations even faster, we are launching a additional quotation module in Teamleader Focus.

What does the new, additional quotation module look like?

1. Create a quotation without creating a deal first

Sometimes things have to go fast and you want to send out your quote without any detours. That's why you can now draw up a quotation without creating a deal first. Right next to your customer, on the road or at home on the couch: with one click you can create a quotation. You can still link a quotation to a new or existing deal later on.

This is an additional module and does not replace the current deals. So you can still create a quotation from deals: the existing workflow remains unchanged.

2. Improved usability

The new overview and detail pages for quotes are more intuitive. You can preview your quote while creating it (without having to finish it first), customise what information you want to see in the quote header and easily customise the layout of your quotation.

You now see the quote total before discounts are applied and all your work on a quotation is automatically saved. So no more work is ever lost. On top of that, you have different ways to easily share your quotation with your prospect: download, print, e-mail or send via the cloud.

From now on, you can link multiple projects to a quotation or a deal, and unlink a project from a deal. This increases the flexibility, there’s no more need for workarounds, so you save time.

3. Effortlessly follow up prospects and customers

You have the option of adding an expiry date to your offer. This allows you to follow up with your prospects even more accurately. Is the deadline for the quotation nearing its end? Then you will be notified and can send a reminder on time.

As soon as your quotation is (digitally) signed, you’ll receive another notification and you can easily convert it into one or more invoices or projects. This not only allows you to get started right away, you also get paid faster since your invoice can be sent out almost immediately.

How does that work?

We explain all the new features in detail in this video:

Want more tips to get the most out of your quotations in Teamleader Focus? You can find them in our Support Centre.

This new, additional quotations module is optional. So it does not replace the existing deals module. You can disable the additional quotations module at any time in the HR settings of your Teamleader Focus account.

Quickly create professional quotes and get them signed online

Never leave money on the table again: with Teamleader Focus, you keep track of every sales opportunity. Create professional quotations quickly and easily, and have them signed online. That way you sell faster and more.

  • 03/05/2023
  • Last modified on 06/12/2023

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