Customer data are always available and up to date

Full access to your customer data

You only have to fill in company or contact details once. If you have a VAT number, any available company information can be added automatically through Teamleader. Spare yourself hours of time and frustrations and embrace this new efficiency!

Following leads throughout the sales process

Track clients during the sales process

The more efficient the sales process, the more sales you make. Teamleader helps keep an eye on your sales, so you get the maximum potential out of a new lead. Plus, you follow and motivate your employees through Teamleader to achieve company goals.

The right invoice at the right time

The right invoice at the right time

Don’t waste time on invoicing! Teamleader centralises all the necessary information and sends invoices either electronically or by post. Afterwards, you can also track the payment status. Timely and correct invoicing has a positive impact on your business! 

Keep track of your projects, budgets and deadlines

Stay up to date on all of your projects

Make full use of the in-house capacity and expertise you have. Plan projects and assign tasks to your employee, so you can watch the progress. Be on top of every project thanks to the concise reporting, that allows you to follow up on budgets and deadlines.


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