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Ticketing system

Give your customers, leads or suppliers the best support. Teamleader's ticketing system allows you to manage questions via one central inbox, automatically linking each ticket to the right contact in your CRM database.

  • Handle customer questions via one inbox.
  • Get an overview of the support tickets for each contact.
  • Convert tickets to invoices easily.
  • Manage all your contacts in one place.


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For every question , ticketing offers a timely answer.

Give leads, customers or suppliers the support they deserve. With the ticketing feature, every question arrives in one centralised inbox, and gets an automated reply to show the asker they’re being helped. Plus, Teamleader Focus automatically links each ticket to the right contact in the CRM database. Transparent, quick and efficient.

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Other software integrates perfectly with Teamleader Focus.

No more cutting and pasting: Teamleader Focus is compatible with 200+ apps and programs that your company is probably already using.

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A great calendar

Your calendar is always up-to-date. So you’ll never miss an appointment or deadline again.

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Central communication

Keep neat and tidy records of incoming and outgoing emails, phone calls and other communications.

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Link your accounting

Link Teamleader Focus with your accounting software and follow invoices up perfectly - or send them straight to your accountant.

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