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How 15,000 entrepreneurs and agencies got companies regained their overview. Sell, bill and organise work in one place with Teamleader’s work management software. Not every company works in the same way. That is why Teamleader has 2 products.
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  • Logo TL Focus

    Easy-to-use software for entrepreneurs and small companies. Work smarter and regain overview.

    • For entrepreneurs with 1 to 20 employees.
    • Manage customers in an orderly fashion. Follow-up sales opportunities perfectly.
    • Create professional quotations and invoices in a few clicks.
    • Manage projects, maintain profit and track time.
    • Receive payments on time.
  • Logo TL Orbit

    The most comprehensive software for the daily operations of best-in-class agencies.

    • For agencies with 20 to 1000+ employees.
    • Easily manage clients with a complex company structure.
    • Get insights in your cost structure and your margins per projects, client or employee.
    • Create competitive quotations and invoices that safeguard your margins.
    • Schedule employees and projects. Let freelancers track time.
    • Manage budgets, forecast your cash flow and generate extensive financial reports.

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