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Why become a Teamleader Partner?

Combined with numerous integrations, Teamleader allows you to digitise the core business processes of your small business customers.

Support your customers throughout the onboarding phase, add your own professional advise and become their trusted digitisation expert.

This way you’ll stand out from the competition by delivering that extra added value.

Why become a Teamleader Partner?

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What can you expect?

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    Great service

    Our dedicated Partner Manager will ensure your onboarding and collaboration with Teamleader exceeds your expectations.

  • Extra business potential

    Aside from recurring revenue, Teamleader is the perfect tool to grasp your customer’s business and understand how you can help them to the fullest.

  • Happy customers

    Teamleader simplifies and automates administrative chores as much as possible. This, combined with your other products and services will create a very high customer satisfaction.