Office directions

The Teamleader office in Belgium is located at Dok-Noord 3A/101, 9000 Ghent. You reach Dok-Noord via the R40 and get to us via entrance 3A (the first one if you come from Ghent-Dampoort). You will find us on the second floor, on the right.

Coming by car?
Via the Sassevaartstraat or Dok-Noord 4, you can reach the underground parking of Dok-Noord most easily. Find a spot, leave the parking, and follow the yellow signs towards entrance 3A. Go two floors up and enter our office on the right-hand side.

Office in Belgium

Dok-Noord 3A/101
9000 Gent
Office directions

Office in the Netherlands

Helmholtzstraat 61H
1098 LE Amsterdam
Office directions