The right invoice at the right time

  • Efficient invoicing - in the style of your company
  • Check up on the status of your invoices in your integrated accounting package
  • Get a quick run-down of the invoices that still need to be sent
  • Set up automatically recurring invoices

Teamleader helps choose the right moment to send the invoice. Create and send your invoices in a few clicks, and manage their status effortlessly. You will even get an automatic warning when your client has failed to pay on time.

invoice timetracking


Invoice your time records

If your task or meeting is ending, Teamleader will ask you to enter the time spent. This time tracking runs automatically once you log in Teamleader - and restarts for each new task. Would you like to enter your tracking manually? Or note the hours worked for a client or on a specific project? That’s also possible! You can then download the time tracking reports as an Excel file.

Automate your recurring business

Teamleader sends an invoice automatically so your invoices will always be on time for your recurring business such as hosting or domain names. In addition, you get an overview of the future value of your recurring portfolio.

invoicing automate
invoicing statistics

Take advantage of the statistics

Get new insight from the statistics created by time tracking your projects. Set your financial goals for each quarter and consult intelligent reports that show the progress of your invoiced sales.

Manage uninvoiced time

Thanks to the overview in the CRM feature, you won’t lose track of uninvoiced time. Need a bit more help? Set a limit for uninvoiced time! If the limited has been exceeded, the client will receive an invoice. You can see all uninvoiced time for each client on their details page. You can invoice the time by simply selecting which hours or tasks you would like to add to the invoice.

invoicing uninvoiced
invoicing online payments

Receive online payments

Using Invoicecloud based your customers can consult their invoices online and directly pay their outstanding balance via your own preferred payment methods, resulting in an always up-to-date billing overview. Credit card, PayPal, iDEAL, SOFORT, bank transfer… Take your pick!

Link with the accounting

Teamleader links the invoicing feature to a list of accounting packages which also makes financial reporting possible.

invoice accounting

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