+ 15,000 entrepreneurs use Teamleader Focus to:

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    Save time on administration.

    Quickly create quotes and invoices, automatically follow up on payments...

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    Provide even better service to their customers.

    Organize your work, follow up customers and projects: a piece of cake.

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    Sell 20% more than before

They are already working every day with Teamleader Focus:

Want even more functionality? Discover Teamleader Orbit.

Want even more functionality? Discover Teamleader Orbit.

Creative agency or IT company finding all-in-one software with extensive analysis and reporting features? Check out the pricing for Teamleader Orbit here.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is Teamleader Focus trial really free?

    Teamleader Focus trial is 100% free. You don't even have to provide a credit card.

  • What if I don't like the tool?

    Teamleader Focus trial is 100% free of charge. Don't like the tool? Then you stop using it. No worries.

  • What is included in the price?

    The price includes 2 users, plus all the features listed above, depending on your chosen package.

  • How much does it cost to set up Teamleader?

    You can learn Teamleader at your own pace, with videos, tutorials and how-to's in our support center. You can also let us help you, or even leave the set-up entirely to us. Discover the 3 possibilities here.