Support tickets

For every question , ticketing offers a timely answer.

Give leads, customers or suppliers the support they deserve. With the ticketing feature, every question arrives in one centralised inbox, and gets an automated reply to show the asker they’re being helped. Plus, Teamleader Focus automatically links each ticket to the right contact in the CRM database. Transparent, quick and efficient.

For every question , ticketing offers a timely answer.

Tickets FR
  • One inbox for all questions

    Stay on top of all customer questions and manage them in one practical central inbox. Employees can answer the question, add attachments or assign the ticket to someone else.

  • Every ticket links to the CRM

    Because Teamleader Focus links each ticket to the CRM database, you get a 360 view of the sender after opening a ticket. Likewise, whenever you open any company or contact’s CRM page, it shows the list of tickets that belong to that person or organisation.

  • From tickets to invoices

    Not all customer support comes for free. You can add the time spent answering a customer’s tickets and add it to the CRM, so you can send a correct invoice to your customer.