Meet leads and customers online

Great customer experiences meet great efficiency in our Customer Meeting add-on. Powerful scheduling capabilities, all video meeting essentials such as chat, screen share and meeting recordings – and a branded interactive meeting room. Perfect for sales demos and presentations. Simple, future-proof, and completely integrated with your Google or Outlook calendar and your Teamleader Focus account.

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Don't let business hours dictate your hospitality .

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Don't let business hours dictate your hospitality .

Have leads or customers book a meeting with you, based on your schedule. Just connect your Teamleader, Google or Outlook calendar, set your available hours and share your link. Bookings will roll in, even when you’re not online. No back-and-forth mailing required.

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Have flawless interactive meetings

Look professional with a flawless online meeting experience. That means: branded meeting rooms, with essential video meeting features and enterprise-level security – on any device.

Have flawless interactive meetings

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Engage your audience and save your content.

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Engage your audience and save your content.

Interactive meetings were never easier. Use whiteboards, collaborate on documents and save notes, docs and chats for later in your shared customer space.

What does it cost?

  1. Customer Meeting add-on

    Create a lasting connection with your customer

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