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The all-in-one solution for your entire business.

How does it work?

One solution for your entire business.

Teamleader Focus is one complete tool for your entire business and is compatible with +200 other apps. That’s how our software makes your work - and your life - a lot easier.

All you can do with Teamleader Focus.

From the very first customer contact to the follow-up after the sale. Teamleader Focus has all the features you need to manage your business flow, from A to Z.

These entrepreneurs have gone before you.

15,000 entrepreneurs are already using our software. How do they use Teamleader Focus? Which features do they find useful? And are they satisfied with our support?

One solution for your entire company.

Forget about Excel files, endless cutting and pasting or planning with pen and paper. Teamleader Focus is an all-in-one solution that helps you work smarter. That means:

  • Less hassle with office work. So you have more time for your business, your customers and yourself.
  • More overview of your administration, your revenue, your hours worked, your customers and your projects. Teamleader Focus is also compatible with +200 other apps your company is probably already using.
  • More peace of mind: Teamleader Focus allows you to follow up sales opportunities and invoices automatically.
  • Happy customers who are followed up promptly and who never have to wait long for a quotation.

One solution for your entire company.

All in one solution

Dit kan je met Teamleader Focus.

  1. Maak professionele offertes en verkoop meer.

    Maak professionele offertes, laat ze online ondertekenen, en volg elke verkoopkans op.

  2. Van offerte naar project.

    Maak van een offerte een project. Verdeel het werk, volg je project op en werk het af binnen de tijd en het budget.

  3. Registreer je gewerkte tijd.

    Houd makkelijk en accuraat gewerkte uren bij, voor correcte facturen en duidelijke rapporten.

  4. Verstuur facturen in een handomdraai.

    Factureer snel en eenvoudig met sjablonen. Verstuur je facturen in enkele klikken, en koppel ze met je boekhouding.

  5. Word altijd snel en correct betaald.

    Bekijk de betaalstatus van je facturen, stel automatische herinneringen in en laat je klant online betalen.

BE NL Klantenbeheer BE NL Offertes maken BE NL Projecten beheren BE NL Registreer nauwgezet met de Time Tracker BE NL Factureren BE NL Geld ontvangen

All you can do with Teamleader Focus.

  • EN Klantenbeheer

    All your contacts in one place.

    All your customer and contact information, conveniently centralised in one place.

  • EN offertes maken

    Draw up professional quotations and increase sales.

    Draw up professional quotations, have them signed online, and follow up on every sales opportunity.

  • EN Projecten beheren

    From quotation to project.

    Convert your quotation into a project, divide the work and deliver the project on time and within the allocated budget.

  • EN Tijd registreren

    Track time spent on a project.

    Keep track of your time easily and accurately, for correct invoices and clear reports.

  • EN Factureren

    Send invoices in a flash.

    Create invoices quickly and easily using templates. Send your invoices in just a few clicks and link them with your accounting software.

  • EN geld ontvangen

    Get paid quickly and correctly every time.

    Check the payment status of your invoices, set automatic reminders and have your customers pay online.

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As your business grows, we keep up with new needs.

Teamleader Focus is made for entrepreneurs like you. If your business changes, our software changes too. We are constantly improving it and we’re regularly launching new features to make your work even easier.

As your business grows, we keep up with new needs.

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Don’t want to lose time on new software? Get off to a flying start.

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Don’t want to lose time on new software? Get off to a flying start.

Finding your way around in new software is always a bit of a challenge. Afraid of losing time or getting lost? No need! We help you get started smoothly, so you’ll get the most out of our software. Start at your own pace, with online advice or with the help of a professional: whatever suits you best.

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