Follow the client through the sales process

  • Keep track of each potential client
  • Stay up-to-date on your progress in each stage of the sales process
  • Send quotes directly from Teamleader for online approval
  • Assess the results of your sales team

Trying to attract new prospects? Keep your finger on each stage of the sales process: from the first meeting to invoicing. You can follow your progress at each stage of the process. You can quickly send a quotation via e-mail directly in Teamleader, and your client can accept the quote online with CloudSign.

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Automate your sales process

The pipeline is the path that a potential client goes through from the first meeting to accepting a business quotation. Dividing the sales process in stages helps you stay on top of each stage of the process. Has one stage been completed? Just click the next stage! A handy chart shows when each stage was completed.

Automate your sales process
Add deals

Add deals

Add a deal to a contact in just a few clicks! Assign the deal a title, enter its details, the value of the contract and put a person in charge of it. Teamleader combines the deal automatically to the contact person or the company.

Accept quotations digitally

You can make quotations in your company’s own branding. You can create the quotation with your own text or use templates from your database. Teamleader can calculate prices with or without VAT. You can send the quote by e-mail and request online acceptance via CloudSign. There, the client will be able to see, print, comment and digitally sign the quote. Of course, you can also customize the CloudSign-platform with your own corporate identity.

Accept quotations
Manage Your sales pipeline with CRM

Manage your sales team

Teamleader provides insight into your business. Take a detailed look who sent which offer, how many quotations are still waiting to be accepted, the reasons for declined quotations, and so on. Set goals for your employees and see with one click of a mouse whether they have achieved those goals.