Efficient invoicing streamlines your financial administration.

Teamleader makes invoicing simple: you can create, send and manage them in a few clicks, or turn a quotation into an invoice. You can even make invoices in your own branding to look professional, and have your customers pay effortlessly online.

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Handy templates for invoices

Avoid repetitive work: Teamleader automatically adds customer info from your CRM to handy reusable templates, to make quotations, invoices and even accompanying standard emails.

Time-saving automation

Book, send and process all your invoices in one go – saving yourself tons of time. Create automatic payment reminders that keep your cash flow healthy with zero effort. Set up recurring invoices or subscriptions and never look back: Teamleader makes and sends the invoices automatically, and always on time.

Integrations with popular accounting tools

Teamleader synchronises with many popular accounting tools. Any invoice you send from Teamleader can be automatically added to your accounting software. When the invoice gets booked as paid, the payment status changes in Teamleader as well.

45,000 users simplify work with Teamleader

Laurent Debaere

I spend a lot less time on quotations, invoices and work orders, so I can focus on what I really like to do.

Laurent Debaere
From timesheets to invoices

From timesheets to invoices

Use one of our multiple time tracking options to record the time you spend on tasks and meetings or add billable hours manually - then easily transform your timesheets into clear and correct invoices.

Multi-currency pricing

Multi-currency pricing

Do you have international clientele? Then send them quotations and invoices in whichever currency they prefer, but keep your own financial reporting in the currency of your choosing.

Clear overview of due invoices

Clear overview of due invoices

Always keep an eye on the payments you are owed with Teamleader’s clear overview of due invoices.

Connect with your favourite tools

Exact Online

Add outgoing invoices to the online accounting tool automatically.

WinBooks on Web

Synchronize data to WinBooks on Web.


Let your customers pay invoices online through Mollie.


Let your customers pay invoices online, via Visa, AE or Mastercard, through Stripe.

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