Online CRM

Software you and your customers will love.

Follow up on your customers without taking a single step.

Building great customer relationships is hard without a great customer relationships tool. Teamleader gives you an insightful CRM system for easy database management and perfect customer follow-up. From the very first meeting until long after the sale. Affordable, time saving and made with your SME in mind.

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invoicing software

Invoicing? Trust us, we make it easy.

Clumsy invoicing holds your revenue hostage. So speed up your invoicing process and improve your cash flow. Turn quotations into invoices in 1-2-3, give them the right professional layout, and have your customers pay online. That’s that.

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Project management tool

Provide your fantastic projects with a fantastic planning.

Forget about ‘Oh no! I forgot!’. Our project management tool helps you keep every project on track. You get a clear overview of planning, deadlines and budget. Every time. Make a clear overview of planning, deadlines and budget with our project management tool, and keep every project on track. Every time.

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Ticketing systeem

Be a great listener to your customers.

The better your service to leads and customers, the more positive word-of-mouth your business will receive. It’s the best endorsement, and it’s free. So collect all questions and inquiries in one central inbox using our ticketing system, and send people an automated - but not impersonal - message to let them know you’re handling their question. Every question is turned into a ticket, every ticket is linked to a contact in your CRM database. It’s a no-brainer, really.

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mobile app

Take your CRM with you, wherever you go.

Sell successfully with Teamleader on the go. Organise all your contact data, update your CRM and add or edit sales opportunities at any time. Start and stop time tracking, follow up on the status of all your invoices, whenever and wherever you want. Ready to start working more effectively on the move?

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