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Teamleader and Yadera are changing their names to Teamleader Focus and Teamleader Orbit respectively. We’re doing this to solidify our position as the number one work management software in the market.

Ever since 2012, Teamleader is on a mission to help SMEs simplify their work. And that goal hasn’t changed. We still want to offer you the best software, focusing on companies just like yours.

In August 2019 we welcomed a new member to the Teamleader family. Yadera is a similar software company but aimed at more medium and large-sized companies, such as creative agencies, marketing agencies, consultancy and IT companies. This meant we could offer software to even more businesses and help them thrive.

Work management

In conversation with you, we noticed something. You’re not just using software to keep track of contacts, create invoices or manage projects. Well, you do, but it’s more than that. You’re looking for a solution that helps you manage the flow of all your work. Because your customers expect more than ever, faster than ever.

Did you know that 20% of business time is spent searching for the correct information? Work management aims to stop the spread of information across different tools, Excel sheets and inboxes. It centralises all information in one place so you finally have an overview of and insights into your business. This helps you tame the chaos and stay in control.

Teamleader helps you to take control of your daily hassle by supporting the three pillars of work management: Sell, Bill, and Organise.

Presenting Teamleader Focus & Teamleader Orbit

To help SMEs of different sizes and shapes, we have two work management software solutions under our umbrella: Teamleader and Yadera. With the latter under our wings for about two years now, it was high time we took things to the next level. And by that, we mean: a more integrated approach making us more prepared than ever to support the growth of your business.

The two tools will continue to exist side by side as they do today, but both will from now on carry the Teamleader name. With pride. Please welcome ‘Teamleader Focus’ and ‘Teamleader Orbit’.

Logo_TL-Orbit (2)Logo_TL-Focus (2)
You’re looking for a tool to manage the work you do for customers: big projects for a handful of clients.
You need to be able to get deep insights
into these projects and into your business.
Just like the earth orbiting the sun, your business
centres around your customer’s needs. Teamleader Orbit helps your agency to balance a high-level overview with deep business insights to get real information about the health of your projects and your company.
Information is often scattered over different areas. Let us help you to regain your focus and do the things you love. Get the overview and insights you need to be in control of your work and your passion.

Growing with you

The new names are the next step in our history, but it’s not for our sake we’re doing this; it’s for yours. We want to be able to grow with you. With our two products, Teamleader can do that. When your business grows and your needs change, we will still be here with the perfect work management tool for you.

“Teamleader’s software is the logical choice for everyone that wants
to improve their daily workflow”

Teamleader CEO Jeroen De Wit: “It’s our goal to help as many businesses as we can. And we want to continue to be there for them, in every phase of their growth. By bringing our products closer together, Teamleader’s software will be the logical choice for everyone that wants to improve their daily workflow.”